What’s New With PureEngage in 2019

If you haven’t heard about the Genesys Summer Innovations Guide, I urge you to download it and read about all our portfolio updates so far this year. But if you’d like to dive right into the highlights for the Genesys PureEngage solution, you’ve come to the right blog.

Orchestration at the Heart of Innovation

Over the past six months, we’ve spent a considerable amount of our development time and resources on orchestration. That’s because the PureEngage solution offers you many opportunities to differentiate your business in terms of the services you provide to your customers and what you can automate.

When I talk to customers, most of them are working on bots of some kind, plus automation. It’s not just about reducing costs. Customers also are driving the shift to artificial intelligence (AI). They want the quick and seamless customer service that AI-powered bots enable. Here’s how the PureEngage app supports this:

  • Build a bot once, and render it across any channel

You can build an automation script and scheme and apply it to both a chatbot and a voicebot. This gives you the same level of integration and automation regardless of channel. We also offer a Build Your Own workshop that walks you through building a bot in half a day.

  • Google Speech Transcription

You can have real-time discussions with customers and have them translated into a text-based scheme while the conversation is in process. Because it’s all automated, the PureEngage solution can make recommendations during the conversation. Agents get assistance with what they should say or ask — and even which opportunities to present to the customer.

  • Nuance Speech 11

This integration lets PureEngage take advantage of Nuance advanced speech recognition, so your customers’ experience is with natural, conversational speech.

  • Designer orchestration

Designer gives you a single interface to build an ongoing conversation with the customer. For example, you might first connect through Genesys Altocloud predictive engagement, then send the customer to a bot. Next, you might use predictive routing to get a customer straight to the best possible agent. And this single interaction might actually be one of many interactions that you can capture as one. The PureEngage solution also brings in Google or Amazon Lex, and third-party dialog apps, to help with orchestration and automation.

  • Intelligent Automation

More suited to PureEngage on-premises customers, this is a high-powered business-oriented custom dialog builder that flows from self-service to assisted service. It’s integrated with Google Dialog Flow, so it’s very easy to leverage some of the Google Contact Center AI, with reporting for Intelligent Automation.

Omnichannel, Workforce Management and Open Platform

Here’s a quick summary of other new PureEngage features and enhancements:

  • When we talk orchestration, it’s inherently about omnichannel. And omnichannel represents multiple points of contact that are growing rapidly. So, we have a broad range of channel support. We’ve added WhatsApp messaging, and, for PureEngage Cloud, we can pull in Twitter posts that are relevant to your business. Then you decide how you want to reply to them.
  • Remember that employees always have options for where they work. Give them modern tools and they’ll be more effective and happier at their jobs. New innovations around workforce management include AI-driven forecasting. PureEngage looks at your data beyond voice and anticipates volume and types of interactions for faster and more accurate forecasting.
  • Open platform is our way of describing how we can integrate with other apps, such as those in our AppFoundry Marketplace and other key apps that are critical to your overall customer experience strategy. We’re offering out-of-the-box Softphone support for Citrix VDI environments, APIs for third-party workforce management solutions and improvement of other external APIs.

Whether you’re on-premises, in the cloud or making the transition, the PureEngage solution has a robust set of tools that connect your conversations with customers and improve your business outcomes overall.

For more details on PureEngage enhancements, view our on-demand webinar.