Removing the Financial Tapeworm in Your Contact Center

Several years ago, my wife and I celebrated our 26th honeymoon — debt free. After listening to an audiobook by Dave Ramsey about paying off credit cards and loans, we got courageous and took the appropriate actions to do just that. The emotion of dumping 100% of stress and taking control of our financial lives is indescribable. The new freedom brought us closer together and we found new authority to shape the legacy of our family. But the inescapable truth is companies that migrate to a cloud contact center can see the same financial and emotional benefits.

I want to illustrate with several examples of courageous companies* that have migrated to the Genesys CloudTM platform, formerly known as the PureCloud® application. For context, I want to focus on benefits that the contact center can realize on an ongoing basis.

Quicken, for example, deployed the Genesys Cloud platform in two months and has already realized more than 400% ROI. But I want to focus on the compounding costs that are incurred daily or weekly by on-premises systems or cloud systems that were designed through traditional on-premises contact center constraints.

Running the Numbers
The basis of your reputation lies squarely on your employees. And three areas that encompass those employees are onboarding, satisfaction and productivity.

Onboarding is a serious tax on the human touch of your company — a topic that’s near to my heart. There’s already so much that a new employee must absorb, from company culture to upholding your market reputation with revenue-generating passion. Compounding this with long training times on your core communication systems is a repeated cost that’s no longer necessary.

Here are just a few statistics of companies that reduced or eliminated their onboarding debt in the contact center.

After embracing the Genesys Cloud platform, Quinstreet dropped its onboarding time by 40%. Ignite Travel Group reduced its by 87% — going from a two-day onboarding time to two hours. Similarly, Housing Direct, a government program in the Asia Pacific region, went from four weeks to a few days. Multiply the savings of onboarding debt for every new employee for the rest of this decade and you can appreciate the refreshing benefits.

Imagine if you could avoid the compounding cost of onboarding altogether. When you increase employee satisfaction, employee churn drops.

The Genesys Cloud platform was designed to make sense to the modern employee and eliminate the frustrations of poor user experiences. This focus on meaningful connection between product and user creates a cascade of additional benefits.

The finance company, MyBudget, not only increased its employee satisfaction by 19%, its agent schedule adherence also skyrocketed from 60% to 85%. This was a key contributor to reaching a customer satisfaction rating of 4.5 — up from a 3.8 stars.

What’s really interesting about the MyBudget story is that all of these statistics actually led to higher employee satisfaction numbers. Using the Genesys Cloud contact center platform reduced after-call work from 10 minutes to 90 seconds.

Optmind Winter saw similar success. Because the cloud platform empowered employees to share knowledge seamlessly, they were informed and more capable to share their skills. Customers were happier by higher uptimes, so Optmind Winter employees encountered far fewer customers who were incited to anger by unreasonable experiences in their moment of need. All of these factors lead to far happier — and more loyal — employees. is a 1,500-plus agent contact center that also found cascading success from agent multitasking and skills use. It doubled its sales year-over-year — without having to increase headcount or costs.

And because employee satisfaction creates customer satisfaction, when L’Olivier moved to the Genesys Cloud platform, it maintained a 90% customer satisfaction rate and enjoyed an abandon rate of only 3% — in contrast to 18% before its contact center migration. Customers and employees are happier — and not planning to leave for another company.

Set Yourself Up for Long-Term Contact Center Growth

When you tolerate compound interest from the purchases you already own — a couch, a meal or an experience — you’re often hurting your long-term growth. It’s seductive because the negative costs are felt in daily doses. The slow pain can be justified, but that doesn’t change the mathematics of paying the compounding residual that eats away at your ability to do more with your investment dollars.

In the contact center, your greatest investment is your people. Traditionally, companies are willing to buy a contact center infrastructure that siphons your time and money with expensive onboarding, lower employee satisfaction, less-than-competitive productivity and eventual employee churn that repeats the entire cycle. The mathematics lead to compounded harm of your reputation in the market.

The Genesys Cloud platform eliminates the traditional residual taxes in all of those areas — from the perpetual on-ramping of talent to the customer experiences you deliver.

The emotional relief that businesses experience through moving to the Genesys Cloud platform is similar to the way my wife and I felt when we freed ourselves from our nickel-and-dime debt and took control of our finances. We learned that daily-accrued interest is like a tapeworm that lives in your wallet — and we’ll never go back to our old way of doing business. I’m confident you’ll share a similar story in your contact center journey to cloud.

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*The Genesys Cloud platform powers some of the largest contact centers on our planet, but this blog looks specifically at companies with 15 to 1,500 seats.