PureSuccess: Transforming How We Serve Customers

Successful customer experience innovation is never the result of a singular, transactional moment. It’s a journey that’s built from a solid partnership focused on long-term success. This belief is at the core of Genesys PureSuccess, a new set of services designed to enable you to get the most out of customer experience solutions.

Immediate and Ongoing Success

Businesses undertaking customer experience transformations require more than just a vendor with a solution. You need a strategic partner who can guide your success.

With the rapid evolution of eCommerce and digital engagement, customer journeys and the technologies that support them have become increasingly complex. Based on marketing trends and many conversations with customers, we identified the need for ongoing guidance and support, especially as businesses face changes and new challenges. Yet, for most solution providers, service typically stops at deployment. This creates a disconnected experience that leaves many businesses feeling abandoned at the most critical moments.

PureSuccess guides businesses through the entire customer experience journey—from setting a strategy and preparing to adopt new technologies to offering ongoing support and optimizing for maximum efficiency. As part of a subscription path to gain greater control of the customer experience, PureSuccess makes it easier to design and deploy Genesys customer experience solutions and reap rapid value from them.

This subscription path is available to new Genesys PureConnectTM and PureEngageTM customers—for both on-premise and cloud options. It will be available for the Purecloud® platform later this year.

A Relationship That’s Built to Last

We understand that every business is unique. To give you everything you need to succeed, we created three PureSuccess offers that let you choose the type of relationship you want with Genesys. Instead of simply offering good, better and best service levels, we put extensive thought and planning into these specific offers to meet real-life customer needs

Drive: Hands-on assistance from an expert team. This is an ideal option for businesses that want Genesys at their side to lead their success.

Guide: Instructor-led training and live consultations for businesses that prefer Genesys to coach them how to achieve success.

Equip: Access to world-class knowledge and best practices for businesses that want the right set of tools to guide their own CX innovation.

PureSuccess customers also receive tokens that they can redeem for additional services to supplement or augment their level of service.

The Genesys Advisor Can Help

As Bengali Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore said, “You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.” But deploying a new customer experience solution is complex and can be overwhelming. We give you the guidance needed to take that first step.

With PureSuccess, a Genesys Advisor guides every step of your transformation to ensure a seamless journey before, during and after deployment.

Every Journey Begins With a First Step

Transforming your customer experience is a big decision. PureSuccess was developed using nearly 30 years of knowledge in building the world’s greatest customer experiences. This ensures it’s part of a comprehensive customer experience service framework to help:

  • Establish your vision and strategy
  • Integrate new skills and technology
  • Continuously optimize and grow

With prescriptive use cases, subscription pricing, and the tailored services and support options of PureSuccess, you’ll be on your way to turning your customer experience vision into a reality.

Find out more about the benefits of Genesys PureSuccess and read the press release.