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Composable platforms will drive CX differentiation at speed and scale

To keep pace with today’s lightning speed of change and use CX for competitive differentiation, businesses will shift toward composable cloud platforms that enable real-time assembly and orchestration of individual customer and employee experience capabilities across four major building blocks: product, marketplace, ecosystem and development.

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Olivier Jouve

Executive VP and General Manager, Genesys Cloud

Gone are the days when you could win in the market with a one-size-fits-all customer or employee experience.

Consumers say a brand is only as good as its service; the war for employee talent is on. Winning on both fronts requires a secure, agile and real-time platform that can orchestrate individual components across the customer and employee journeys. And this all creates differentiated experiences at scale.

The art of the possible

Legacy all-in-one contact center platforms prevent businesses from differentiating their customer experience. They’re not architected to leverage a CX ecosystem, access best-in-class industry solutions through a global marketplace or offer continuous development. IT teams are occupied with maintenance rather than business partnership and innovation.

In the fast-approaching future, composability will be a key requirement for CX cloud platforms. Composable platforms enable the real-time assembly, combination and orchestration of capabilities across four major building blocks: development, ecosystem, marketplace and product. These secure and flexible platforms evolved from — and complement — the API-first, continuous deployment, global availability and built-in security characteristics of modern clouds.

Speed, innovation and scale

The speed of composable platforms is a game-changer; businesses can connect data that predicts a customer’s need and delivers the next-best action in the moment. These platforms can orchestrate customer and employee experiences in real time, routing calls to the agent predicted most likely to deliver a positive outcome.

Openness is a key value driver for composable platforms. Businesses can access the best available industry-relevant solutions and capabilities without getting locked into applications that no longer serve their needs. And security, rather than being an additional technology layer, is built into composable platforms by design.

Make your platform the reason employees stay

Composable CX brings rich capabilities to the employee experience. It allows you to personalize the agent desktop, offer real-time coaching and communication, prompt next-best actions, and make work fun and sociable through gamification. When you provide positive experiences where employees are equipped to succeed, they’re much more likely to stay.

Another big trend with composable CX is how relationships between business and IT teams change. Business and IT teams can come together as continuous co-creators of differentiated experiences. Freed from maintenance and routine development work, IT teams are empowered to focus more on strategy and craftsmanship. This opens many more exciting career paths for staff.

Another big trend with composable CX is how relationships between business and IT teams change.
Freed from maintenance and routine development work, IT teams are empowered to focus more on strategy and craftsmanship.

The future is composable

Consumers expect all companies to keep up with the CX market leaders. Once they’ve experienced flawlessly executed, personalized experiences, they hold all other organizations to that standard. Delivering at that level isn’t possible without a composable platform that’s designed for speed and scale. For many organizations it represents a major shift, but the risk of doing nothing is rapidly losing relevance in today’s consumer-powered world.

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