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AI Propels Financial Institutions into a New Era of Customer Engagement

The customer is now back high on the agenda in Asia/Pacific financial institutions. With the right technologies in place, organisations will be in a better position to plan customer engagement to suit the demands of customers – changed by the new world of financial services.

In a recent IDC FutureScapes 2018 released by IDC, it is predicted that by 2019, 40% of digital transformation initiatives will use AI services. By 2021, 75% of commercial apps will use AI, and over 90% of consumers will interact with customer bots. Does this mean that customer engagement will take on more and more elements too, and in the process finally fulfil the promise of customer centricity?

In this session, IDC Financial Insights explains how the maturation of Artificial Intelligence gives banks and insurers new capabilities never seen before, allowing them to leap into a future defined by meaningful, real-time, and personal customer engagement.

  • Customer Centricity in Asia/Pacific Financial Services in 2018: What Drives the Resurgence, and Implications for Asia/Pacific Financial Services
  • The New “Must-Have” Capabilities in Customer Engagement
  • AI in Customer Engagement: Use Cases, Wins and Best Practices from Early Adopters
  • Getting Started on AI for Customer Engagement: Essential First Steps from IDC Financial Insights

Meet the Speakers

Webinar michael araneta

Michael Araneta
Associate Vice President,
IDC Financial Insights

Webinar dave giblin

Dave Giblin
Head of Business Consulting, Asia,

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