Utilisation and Adoption Workshop Series

Chatbots and the AI Experience on Genesys Cloud

Put bots at the centre of your customer experience strategy — and see how much time you save

On-Demand Webinar

Chatbots and Genesys Cloud

Artificial intelligence (AI) for the contact centre can transform your entire customer experience strategy. Maximise efficiency while delivering experiences that grow customer relationships. Make agents’ jobs easier, boost revenue, and grow customer loyalty.

Conversational AI used in chatbots lends a human touch to self-service by listening, understanding, and engaging through natural language. It enables deeper personalisation with unique customer insights. And because AI understands and predicts intent, it can help customers reach better resolutions faster. It allows easier recognition of when an interaction needs human support and be able to pass conversational history and insight to the agent.

Explore what is possible and see how Genesys Cloud makes it simple for businesses to achieve goals for a unified customer experience using chatbots and other AI-powered software already integrated and ready to use.


  • Chatbots – what’s in it for me?
  • Analytics and reporting on bot performance
  • Genesys AI Experience – see how it all comes together
  • Success stories and Q&A
  • Summary of available resources

Meet the Speakers


Hilda Mortifero
Customer Success


Nico Feliciano
Product Specialist – Global Customer Success