Dec 1–2, 2021 09:00

Genesys PartnerFest EMEA 2021


Welcome to PartnerFest 2021 the EMEA Partner Conference

Join us on the 1st & 2nd December for PartnerFest, a conference for all our partners.

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*Attendance is for Genesys Partners, a registration can be cancelled by Genesys at any time.

Join us at PartnerFest for a celebration of our partner success

We’ve had a fantastic year so far racing to new heights. Come and join us at the top of the mountain for a celebration of all your achievements with your hosts Bas Diepen, Mika Lefebvre & Emily Bloomfield.

Hear from our keynote speakers, great insights and updates on our Partner First journey. There will be updates from the Genesys product groups, the presentation of our EMEA-wide Partner Awards and panels to give you the insight and tools needed to develop your own growth mindset and excite your customers!

We hope you can join us for this two-day event, celebrating you, our wonderful partners!


Day 1 Main Session

Wednesday, 01 December 2021

14:00 – 17:00

Central European Time (CET)

PartnerFest – Winning Together with Genesys, Bas Diepen VP EMEA Alliances and Channel, Mika Lefebvre EMEA Channel Sales Director, Iain Banks Senior Director Channel Sales, Emily Bloomfield EMEA Partner Marketing Director & Adriana Defina Director Partner and Alliances.


Race to New Heights Keynote, Ben Saunders Polar Explorer.


Partner First Strategy – Delivering the growth mindset, Ken Archer SVP Worldwide Channels.


Delivering Experience-as-a-Service, Peter Graf Chief Strategy Officer.


New Approaches to Excite Your Customers – Cloud, MultiCloud, DX, WFO, Olivier Jouve EVP & GM Genesys Cloud, John Hernandez EVP & GM, Multicloud Solutions, Brett Weigl SVP Product Manager DX, Merijn te Booij GM Workforce Engagement Management.


Genesys EMEA Growth Mindset Panel Discussion, Bas Diepen, Helen Briggs SVP Regional Sales Lead, Mark Reinhard VP Marketing, Jessi Yi VP Customer Success, Neil O’Donoghue EMEA VP PS.


Alliances: Build Customer Experiences at scale with Accenture and Google, Adriana Defina Genesys Director Transformational Partners & Strategic Alliances, Marco Siciliano Accenture Applied Intelligence, Managing Director & Daryoush Goljahani Partner Business Director Google Cloud.


Let’s hear and learn from some successful Genesys EMEA Resellers, Mika Lefebvre with Manuel Beltran of Evolutio, Dave Glasgow of IPI, Karl Reed of Pivotal & Julian Barrow of Foehn.


Close, Bas Diepen, Mika Lefebvre. 

Ben Saunders, Keynote Speaker

Ben Saunders is a record-breaking polar explorer, a TED ‘master storyteller’ and an advocate for future pioneers.

Across two decades – and more than a year on the ice – he has covered more than 4,500 miles (7,242km) on foot in the polar regions. His accomplishments include leading The Scott Expedition, the longest human-powered polar journey in history, and the first completion of the expedition that defeated Captain Scott and Sir Ernest Shackleton, a 108-day round-trip from Ross Island on the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back again. Ben is the third person in history to ski solo to the North and South poles, and holds the record for the longest solo Arctic journey by a Briton.

Day 2 Breakouts

Thursday, 02 December 2021

14:00 – 17:00

Central European Time (CET)

2pm Sessions

  • WEM – The Three Peaks Challenge! Three ways to reach the pinnacle.

We often forget that Genesys Cloud CX offers three WEM disciplines, Resource Management, Quality and Compliance and Employee Performance. Often, we face steep challenges prizing customers away from their incumbent solutions, sometimes it’s better to use the path of least resistance to reach GC3 destination. Join WEM experts, Thomas Weschke, Solutions Architect and Paul Turner, Innovations Lead as we guide the way.

Target audience: Sales, Presales & Professional Services.


  • Genesys DX: A New Genesys Digital-First Offering.

Find out what you need to know about Genesys’ new Digital-First offering:  Genesys DX.  Many companies are not planning to re-platform their call center, but they are investing in transforming their digital engagement using virtual agents (chatbots) and live-agent chat.  Find out how Genesys DX can be sold as a standalone offering to those companies and provide a market-leading digital customer experience. With Lloyd Buxton & Robert Sullivan.

Target audience: Sales, Presales & Professional Services.


  • Start Planning for FY23 – Partner Marketing Strategies to Help You Scale Your Business.

Marketing isn’t just the colouring in department, it’s a fundamental part of your business strategy. Join the Genesys EMEA Digital Demand & Partner Marketing team who will discuss how to effectively build your 2022 plan to scale your business, from targeting, campaign execution, the nurture process to generating high quality leads. And hear the latest digital tools available, best practices and marketing campaigns you can take advantage of today. With Emily Bloomfield, Nathalie Dorricott, Rhian Buller, Cyril Largent & Martina Crepaz.

Target audience: Sales & Marketing.


  • Accelerating Transformation to Experience as a Service with Customer Success & Services.

Simplify and accelerate the customer journey to cloud and Experience as a Service, driving innovation with WEM, AI and Digital. Learn about the investments that Genesys has made in Tools, Advisory Services, Customer Success and Support, and Partner Packages available to you to drive this. With Diana Engelbrecht, Neil O’ Donoghue & Nico Van Eyssen.

Target audience: Sales, Presales, Professional Services & Customer Success.


3pm Sessions

  • Genesys Cloud CX Innovation in action.

During this session, some of our best Genesys Cloud experts will present to you 4 innovative uses of Genesys Cloud – A solid Genesys Cloud technical expertise is required to get the best of this breakout. With Pierrick Lozach, Marc Sassoon, Daniel Szlaski & Samantha Greatorex.

Target audience: Presales & Professional Services.


  • Genesys Multicloud CX – options, flexibility and futureproof.

Build your cloud solution on the platform of your choice. Gain cloud benefits but maintain full control over your sensitive data. Why and to whom should you consider to offer this unique cloud offering? When will all this be available? What is the commercial model? What is the path forward for existing premise customers? And more…. With Martin Vagner & Alberto Passi.

Target audience: Sales, Presales & Professional Services.


  • Strategic sales programs to help you get the best of market opportunities.

Customers migrating to Cloud, customers willing to move away from aging platforms of other vendors, customers wanting to have some choice on terms of consumptions. In our catalogue we have different programs. This session will guide you on how you could use these programs. With Erwin-Paul Bouma & Jorge Hurtado.

Target audience: Sales, Presales, Marketing, Professional Services & Customer Success.


  • Customer Success Adoption Strategies to Expand and Renew existing accounts.

In this session, we will look at best practices and methodologies used to help drive effective adoption to minimise the risk of churn. With Osen Akkemik & Mark Percox.

Target audience: Sales, Professional Services & Customer Success.


  • Accelerating your business with AppFoundry.

AppFoundry Marketplace grew drastically over the last few years and became a substantial part, especially of the Genesys Cloud ecosystem. In this breakout session, we’re highlighting why including AppFoundry Apps and AppFoundry partners lead to success for your customer opportunities. We will highlight real-worlds examples, as we’ve invited Cloudoe and IP Integration to our session to give you first-hand information and experiences. In addition, we’ll give you a sneak peek about how AppFoundry turns into a Partner-First marketplace in 2022. With Juergen Tolksdorf.

Target audience: Sales, Presales, Professional Services & Customer Success.


4pm Sessions

  • Genesys Cloud CX- Digital & AI Update.

Our Digital & AI product teams have been busy this year so this session will give you an opportunity to learn all about the latest innovations from Predictive Engagement and Conversational AI in Genesys Cloud. We’ll also give you a sneak peak into what to expect next year! With Alberto Passi, Amanda Halpin & Bob Sullivan.

Target audience: Sales, Presales, & Professional Services.


  • Analyst Influence in the Buyer Journey.

The sales funnel is morphing into an infinity loop. Analysts influence many aspects of the buyer journey. This session will share how customers engage industry analysts during the buying cycle, discuss which analysts have the most influence on purchase decisions, and review resources available to Genesys partners for leveraging independent sources to help you win deals. With Meredith Egg.

Target audience: Sales, Presales, Marketing & Customer Success.


  • Genesys Partner Enablement Offerings.

In this breakout, we will provide a complete overview of Partner Academy and Beyond, which include our enablement and certification offerings for all platforms. Topics include partner onboarding and continuous enablement options for our new and optimised Genesys partners. The new Beyond Reseller Program for partners and BeyondCX, a comprehensive eLearning program for contact centre leaders and agents, will also be covered. With Reinhard Beck, Sandra de Luca, Simon Wright & Lisa Crews.

Target audience: Sales, Presales, Marketing, Professional Services & Customer Success.


  • Genesys and Security & Privacy Update.

Genesys DPO Shahzad Ahmad & Genesys Chief Privacy Officer Bill Dummettt will provide an update on:

  • Global Privacy landscape changes
  • Schrems 2
  • Priorities for next year
  • Q/A

Target audience: Sales, Presales, Professional Services & Customer Success.


Bas Diepen

EMEA VP, Channel Sales, Genesys

Emily Bloomfield

Channel Marketing Director, Genesys

Mickael Lefebvre

EMEA Account Director, Cloud Channel, Genesys

Ben Saunders

Polar Explorer

Peter Graf

Chief Strategy Officer, Genesys

Olivier Jouve

Executive Vice President & General Manager of Genesys Cloud, Genesys

Ken Archer

SVP Worldwide Channels

John Hernandez

EVP & GM, Multicloud Solutions

Merijn te Booij

GM, Workforce Engagement Management

Helen Briggs


Mark Reinhard

VP Marketing

Jessi Yi

VP Customer Success

Neil O'Donoghue

EMEA VP Professional Services

Adriana Defina

Director Partner & Alliances

Marco Siciliano

Accenture Applied Intelligence, Managing Director

Daryoush Goljahani

Partner Business Director Google Cloud


EMEA Partner Awards 2021

The EMEA Partner Awards will be awarded during the event. These awards celebrate successes and innovations related to partner competencies, Genesys technology, entrepreneurial spirit, as well as highlighting the great work done by partners in various industries and in country.

EMEA PARTNER of the Year

EMEA CLOUD Partner of the Year

EMEA NEW Partner of the Year

EMEA MIGRATION Partner of the Year



EMEA AppFoundry Partner of the Year

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