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What is Workflow Management?

Workflow management is the process of optimizing a company’s business processes using automation. This process includes mapping, planning and coordinating all parts of a business’ structure — from managing all points of interactions on a customer success journey to handling day-to-day administrative tasks.

How Genesys can help

Contact centers must accurately plan for multiple communication channels to support an array of interactions — email, voice, text or social media — to best serve customers and prospects. A lack of system integration between online and offline work tasks is ineffective and inefficient for understanding customer needs. Workflow management is critical in optimizing front- and back-office teams to enable great customer service.

Genesys workforce optimization offers a full suite of integrated agent and workflow capabilities to deliver an omnichannel customer journey through multi-skilled employees.

  • Coaching Employees for Success – analyze the quality of conversations agents deliver across channels
  • Improving the quality of customer interactions – skilled and motivated employees increase customer retention
  • Automating routing and task assignments – shared application services for front and back office tasks

Empowering your workforce with automated routing and task management facilitates great customer service and improved business performance. Read the ContactBabel “Inner Circle Guide to Multichannel Workforce Optimization.”