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What Is Outbound IVR?

An outbound IVR is a contact center solution used to proactively distribute communications to customers. This technology allows an organization to automatically engage customers through multiple channels, such as automated voice calls, SMS messages, email or social media posts using personalized notifications.

Outbound call centers using an outbound IVR system are different than predictive dialers or robocalls. Telemarketing companies use predictive dialers to get in touch with as many end users as possible. Robocalls are used to deliver a single message to a large number of end users. For instance, campaigns use robocalls during elections to place a massive number of calls to voters and play the identical message to all recipients.

How Genesys can help

Effective outbound IVR systems should enable the delivery of personalized customer experiences while effectively managing customer expectations. Genesys outbound IVR delivers personalized customer interactions by integrating with CRM systems.

Leveraging the Genesys Cloud CX™ platform, you can design outbound call center campaigns to drive high-value inbound calls into the call center. At the same time, you can create other outbound campaigns to deflect avoidable inbound calls by proactively providing information, managing customer expectations and eliminating a customer’s need to contact the organization.

An outbound IVR system should enhance your customer experiences by:

  • Delivering a personalized, positive customer experience
  • Increasing revenue through outbound campaigns that proactively connect with customers through their preferred channel across their lifecycle
  • Integrating with CRM systems to utilize contextual customer data

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