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What is mobile voice?

Mobile voice is the emerging technology that combines recent advances in mobile and voice recognition. The combination of the two technologies results in users being able to talk to their mobile devices, be understood by the device, and accomplish tasks.

Mobile voice IVR solutions offer customers an easy and hands-free way to communicate with contact centers and contact center agents. Speech recognition capabilities allow customers to avoid the physical limitations of mobile screen size. The ability to communicate information through both voice commands and touch creates a personalized customer experience.

How Genesys can help

Incorporating mobile strategies into your outbound communications can provide a better customer experience. Genesys outbound solutions enable your company to proactively engage with customers over mobile channels, to improve customer experience and important metrics like response rates, revenue and customer satisfaction.

Mobile voice solutions for effective outbound communications should offer:

  • Speech recognition technology that enables voice capabilities in mobile apps
  • Personalized experience by allowing customers to choose how they are most comfortable communicating—through touch or voice
  • Integrations with voice biometrics—allowing customers to say a word or phrase in place of entering a password to ensure mobile security

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