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What is a Hosted Contact Center?

A hosted contact center allows an organization to offer a comprehensive call center customer service experience without having to buy most of the hardware, software and other infrastructure needed to set up an on-premises hosting infrastructure. It’s a remote version of a physical call center.

The main physical server hardware for both inbound and outbound communications between you and your customers is hosted and located elsewhere on a service provider’s dedicated back-end system. This configuration saves your company money, space and time/maintenance costs.

How hosted contact centers differ from cloud-based contact centers

The technology for digital voice communications and remote, cloud-based hardware hosting has improved. Now, it’s easier for numerous business operations to reside outside of a company’s office space. Instead, you can host these services on remote servers and allow remote employees to manage them.

A cloud call center offers cost savings and robust customer service operations. Many virtual contact centers are considered “hosted contact centers” or use the term “Call Centers as a Service” because the infrastructure is similar. However, even though hosted contact centers remove much of the customer service call center hardware from your business premises, call staff and certain parts of data center management still must be managed in-house. This can increase expenses or decrease the flexibility needed to meet fluctuating customer service demands.

Cloud contact centers take the entire call center experience remote. They shift all aspects of data center management to cloud-based servers that host multiple tenants. And they can be managed by fully remote call center staff. This allows companies to maintain nearly complete flexibility on the number of call center personnel and the amount of service hardware used across all levels of the call center operations chain.

Many cloud-based call centers charge on a subscription basis, which enables businesses to select the service option best suited for their size requirements. They pay for call center operations at any given level of scale — for as long as they need.

Benefits of a hosted contact center

A hosted solution can reduce operational costs and increase scaling flexibility. This setup allows organizations to externalize key, expensive parts of the customer service operation by hosting hardware remotely while handling certain aspects in-house. This means organizations have more specific control over software implementation and the isolation of customer data.

Genesys offers solutions for both hosted and cloud-based call center operations — solutions that can be tailored to meet your security and business needs with state-of-the-art customer service technology. Our services include fully cloud-based contact centers, on-premises contact hosting solutions and hybrid models that can increase customization in your company’s customer contact needs.