What is a Hosted Contact Center?

A hosted contact center is a customer experience solution in which an organization’s central point of inbound and outbound communications is hosted on a service provider’s back-office systems. This configuration can lower the cost of ownership.

Hosted contact centers offer a flexible and scalable alternative to on-premises contact centers. Being able to deploy a hosted contact center with low upfront costs attracts new start-ups and legacy enterprises that want to meet customer demands.

Another way to gain flexibility and scalability is with a virtual contact center. While it’s similar to a hosted contact center, a virtual contact center is in the cloud. It enables businesses to increase customer service capabilities without raising operational costs. This results in greater scalability, security and flexibility of contact center operations — and enables companies to adapt quickly to changing customer service needs.

How Genesys can help

The Genesys Customer Experience Platform virtual contact center provides an optimized customer experience throughout multiple touch points and channels. And it ensures you get the latest technology updates. Benefits include:

  • Efficient use of distributed and varied workforces
  • Ability to connect your customers with the most appropriate agents
  • Security protection built into its cloud-based solutions
  • Accurate forecasting and scheduling across all communication channels

To determine which deployment model is right for your contact center — cloud, on-premises or hybrid — consider the total cost of ownership of each solution. Download this ebook to learn how different criteria can affect your choice between a cloud or an on-premises contact center.

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