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What is a Cloud Call Center?

Empower Employees to Deliver Optimal Customer Experiences with a Cloud Call Center from Genesys

A cloud call center is a web-accessible platform for handling customer calls and interactions. Call centers based in the cloud can be accessed from virtually anywhere, eliminating the need for a physical infrastructure, which may reduce operational costs and increase scalability to support evolving customer experience strategies.

It’s time to upgrade to the cloud. As customers continue to increase their use of email, chat, social and text to connect with businesses, the need to modernize the call center is imperative. Deployed in minutes, with zero up-front capital investment, a cloud call center lets your company deliver state-of-the-art capabilities that transform your legacy call center to a call center that supports both digital and voice interactions. The Genesys Customer Experience Platform delivers the solutions to modernize your call center.

Benefits of a Cloud Call Center:

  • Reduce operational costs and improve ROI
  • Empower employees to deliver optimal CX
  • Improve scalability and flexibility to meet the changes needs of your business

As the costs to maintain and upgrade call centers continue to increase, it’s time to consider a cloud call center to deliver optimal CX. Download the eBook to learn more.