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Swaps IT complexity for autonomous customer experience innovation

The Department of Communities provides affordable housing for people in Western Australia who would otherwise struggle to rent or buy. The Housing Direct contact center is a dedicated team of 76 people who schedule and manage maintenance work for more than 36,000 homes and 64,000 tenants. Many of those customers live on low incomes in remote, hard-to-reach locations.

“Often our customers turn to us because they need help getting back on their feet,” said Tracy Thompson, Manager for Housing Direct. “We receive all sorts of inquiries, from email requests for property repairs and disruptive behavior complaints to emergency calls for fires and floods.”

But failing complex contact center technology made it difficult to deliver consistently great customer experience. Faults bounced back and forth between five different providers before finally disappearing into a black hole. The situation was made worse by a lack of basic features, such as queue configuration, forecasting, call recording and survey tools.

Everything changed with the implementation of the Genesys Cloud CXTM platform. “We sought an all-in-one omnichannel solution with the option for people to work from home,” added Thompson. “Once we met with the Genesys team and saw what Genesys Cloud CX could do, we stopped looking.”


  • Reduced IT faults annually from 1,200 to three
  • Improved productivity and collaboration
  • Reduced training time for agents, from four weeks to days
  • Ability to innovate and improve services

Our potential used to be constrained by our previous system. With Genesys Cloud CX, imagination is the only limit.

Tracy Thompson, Manager, Housing Direct


  • Gain control and reduce IT complexity
  • Transform service with omnichannel customer experience

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