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Recognizing and celebrating customer experience excellence

Throughout the years, organizations of all sizes have taken the future into their hands and powered the world’s best customer experiences. For this, you deserve the spotlight. That’s why, for the past 17 years, the Genesys Customer Innovation Awards has recognized you for shaping the industry and giving your customers the experiences they deserve.

This year, eight winners will be named across five key categories designed to recognize customer experience transformation, excellence, innovation and impact. Committed to celebrating the best of the best, the awards are open to companies of all sizes, in all markets.

The winners of this year’s Genesys Customer Innovation Awards will be announced on September 14, 2022.

Awards & recognitions

2022 winners and finalists

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Eligibility and Criteria

Eligibility and criteria

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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

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Award categories

This year’s award categories cover a wide range of customer experience achievements.

If you dream of the art of the impossible and find ways to bring it to life, this category is for you. The CX Creator category recognizes organizations who are using a combination of Genesys APIs, developer tools, Genesys AppFoundry® Marketplace and your own ecosystem to create custom CX capabilities that enhance customer or employee experiences. Tell us how your ability to assemble and orchestrate this collective set of capabilities has improved business outcomes for your organization; be sure to include metrics.

We believe that exceptional customer service occurs when your people are empowered by Genesys technology. This category recognizes organizations that continually demonstrate empathy toward their customers, leveraging Genesys technology to make every interaction count — and bring Experience as a ServiceSM to life. Share how you’ve used empathy to create customer trust and loyalty — and how your empathetic work practices have improved the employee experience. This category is specifically about how your contact center delivers superior experiences with empathy, not the overall philanthropic initiatives of your organization.

CX Innovator is for those pushing the limits to deliver a consistent and unified experience while engaging customers across the channels of their choice. Perhaps your customer experience is cutting-edge because of automation and artificial intelligence. Or maybe you use predictive routing to ensure your customers get the right resources on the right channels. You might leverage predictive engagement to increase sales conversions on your website or enhance web traffic visibility for better decision-making. Or maybe you use Agent Assist to improve agent performance. Share how you’re using Genesys technology or a partner technology to orchestrate the customer journey to achieve incredible results.

If you were once invested in a legacy, hardware-based contact center platform solution or have transitioned from another cloud environment to a Genesys cloud-based solution within the last 24 months, tell us how this change transformed your customer experience. This includes moving from a Genesys solution or competing provider. Please include the name of the previous platform used and the benefits you achieved through the migration.

Four CX Mover Award winners will be chosen according to implementation:

  • Genesys implementation — Worked with the Genesys Professional Services team
  • Partner implementation — Worked with a Genesys partner (you and the partner receive an award)
  • Self implementation — Implemented a Genesys solution on your own

This award is for teams that have modernized how they manage and empower their employees with Genesys Workforce Engagement Management. You might have increased quality and compliance within your contact center, or you’ve improved employee performance or management. Tell us how you’ve improved your team processes with Genesys Workforce Engagement Management technology to become more effective, efficient and empathetic in your customer and employee experiences.

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Rewards for winners

Winning organizations will be recognized globally for customer innovation, which includes:

Global recognition

Winners will be recognized through a virtual awards ceremony attended by their peers, analysts and Genesys leadership from around the world. We’ll work to maximize the buzz around individual winners through press activity and social media.

In addition, winners are awarded:

  • $1,500 donation to charity of their choice
  • Team celebration with Genesys-branded items and treats
  • Digital promotion package with press release, social posts and customer branded graphics
  • Personalized trophy
  • Genesys-branded merchandise bundle (limit 3)
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Have a question? Please refer to the FAQ or read through the Eligibility and Criteria details. If your question is not included, please email [email protected].