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Recognizing and celebrating customer experience excellence

Throughout the years, organizations of all sizes have taken the future into their hands and powered the world’s best customer experiences. For this, you deserve the spotlight. That’s why, for the past 15 years, the Genesys Customer Innovation Awards has recognized you for shaping the industry and giving your customers the experiences they deserve.

This year, nine winners will be named across seven key categories designed to recognize customer experience transformation, excellence, innovation and impact. Committed to celebrating the best of the best, the awards are open to companies of all sizes, in all markets.

The nomination period ended on March 31, 2020. Category finalists will be announced within the coming weeks.

Awards & recognitions

2019 winners and finalists

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Eligibility and Criteria

Eligibility and criteria

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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

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Award categories

This year’s award categories cover a wide range of customer experience achievements.

This award recognizes new customers who have successfully implemented Genesys products and have experienced results quickly. Applicants will have become Genesys customers during 2018 or later and experienced a rapid deployment. Customer profiles could include:

  • Greenfield (cloud or on-premises)
  • Switching from an on-premises solution to the cloud
  • Addition of a new division for an existing account

Three CX Accelerator award winners will be chosen (one of each size):

  • Small = under 100 agent seats
  • Mid-size = 101 – 500 agent seats
  • Large = over 500 agent seats

This category recognizes organizations that continually demonstrate empathy toward their customers. Share how you’ve used empathy to create trust and loyalty between your organization and your customers — and how your empathetic work practices have improved the employee experience for your service representatives.

Organizations use Genesys to change the way they manage their customer experience globally. If you have rolled out Genesys solutions across various countries or regions, this is your time to shine. Please describe the transformation involved, how it has impacted your business and the results.

This category is made for those who are pushing the limits when it comes to innovation. Perhaps your omnichannel environment is the cutting edge of customer experience, or you’ve created forward-thinking capability by utilizing technologies offered through Genesys AppFoundry. Share how you’re using multiple Genesys channels or partnership technologies throughout the customer journey to achieve incredible improvements.

If you were once invested in a legacy, hardware-based customer platform solution or transitioned from another cloud environment to a Genesys cloud product, tell us how the change transformed your customer experience. Extra consideration will be given for entries that name the previous platform used.

This award category is geared toward companies that use Genesys technology for sales and marketing. For example, you might have a chat implementation that’s increasing sales conversions on the website. Or, maybe you’ve increased visibility into website traffic and now your marketing teams can make more informed decisions.

Customer experience technology can bring your team’s productivity to new heights. This award recognizes the progress your team has made using automation tools like Workforce Engagement Management and Workload Management.

Rewards for winners

Winning organizations will be recognized globally for customer innovation, which includes:

Global recognition

Winners will be recognized at Xperience 2020 in front of industry leaders, peers and analysts. A press release and social media posts announcing the winners will be promoted.

Xperience 2020 VIP treatment

In addition to this, the winners are awarded:

  • One full-paid trip to Xperience 2020, including a round-trip flight to Xperience 2020 in Denver, CO, event access, and a two-night hotel stay
  • Primary consideration as a Xperience 2020 speaker
  • Impactful recognition and networking opportunity with peers, analysts and Genesys executives
  • Networking with global customer experience leaders who are recognized innovators
  • Customer Innovation Award winner designation on conference badge
  • Reserved seating at mainstage presentations
  • On-stage award presentation, including presentation of a coveted award trophy
  • Access to a special dinner with industry analysts
  • VIP gifts and experiences, including mainstage photographs


Have a question? Please refer to the FAQ or read through the Eligibility and Criteria details. If your question is not included, please email [email protected].

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