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Information security and compliance

Genesys is extremely empathetic to the needs of our customers and partners, as well as the needs of their customers. To serve those needs, we endeavor to provide the greatest assurance possible through our information security and privacy assurance portfolio.

We’re constantly striving to improve our information and security compliance portfolio for the following reasons.

Improvement through compliance

Driving security improvement through compliance, aligning with the appropriate and relevant standards drives security improvement across our products and services.

Internal confidence

The continued development of our compliance portfolio involves external assurance activities that provide confidence for our business that security is implemented, maintained and continuously improved.

Commitment to security

The continued development of our compliance portfolio serves to demonstrate the Genesys Cloud™ commitment to security improvements internally, as well as security assurance externally. Genesys leadership is intrinsic to driving this information security and compliance posture through resourcing, culture and continued diligence.

External assurance

Maintaining our compliance portfolio involves numerous internal and external audits in which independent parties review our security. These parties also affirm we achieve and maintain these security objectives, providing the greatest assurance to our customers and partners.

Genesys is aligned with industry best practices, relevant and appropriate international standards, and — where applicable — national legislation. This alignment is demonstrated in our compliance portfolio, which serves to provide the greatest assurance internally and externally. It sets Genesys apart and demonstrates our commitment to be best in class from a security and privacy perspective, as well as in our products and services.