Genesys Cloud strives to provide the world’s best customer experiences. Genesys Cloud will accomplish this goal through rapid innovation and a focus on quality. The development team maintains a test environment that mimics production as closely as possible. We implement frequent testing in the test environment to ensure capacity, availability, and reliability. All changes must pass tests and be manually approved before progressing to production . These changes are supported with full regression testing to ensure consistency.

Genesys Cloud has a commitment to reliability as per our SLA. To achieve that, Genesys applies software industry best practices. We follow a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach to continually improve quality. We invite and accept customer feedback and drive improvement based on customer feedback and experiences.


Inspired by empathy and driven by innovation, we know that building a more sustainable future is the only way forward. We strive to embed sustainability deeply into everything we do, particularly as we position ourselves as the partner, employer and vendor of choice. As one of our core strategic priorities, sustainability goals are a priority for every leader, manager and employee across our organization.

Our sustainability strategy is composed of three pillars: environmental, social and governance (ESG) and is overseen by our Global Sustainability Officer (GSO). To promote accountability and meaningful progress, we have set targets and goals within each pillar and closely monitor key performance indicators to help ensure we stay on track. To be successful, our Global Sustainability Office works cross functionally to ensure sustainability is integrated in how we work. Together, we can mitigate our impact on the planet and amplify our positive impact in the world.

Genesys is committed to achieving its 2030 sustainability goals. We believe our commitment to sustainable business practices has contributed to our success, and we report our progress annually through our sustainability report.

Business Continuity

As a foremost Contact Center as a Service partner and provider, we’re conscious our product exists to serve our customers. It provides an integrated solution that enables our customers to provide seamless service and support to their customers. Being extremely mindful of this dependency and responsibility, Genesys Cloud has ensured every provision to provide a reliable, resilient and robust service.

Genesys Cloud is provisioned to ensure any event or disruption is managed through our business continuity and disaster recovery planning and that it has no impact on the availability of our service to our partners, our customers and their customers.

To ensure our business continuity and disaster recovery planning is effective and efficient, we apply regular testing internally. We also constantly review this plan to identify and leverage any opportunity where we can further enhance our solution for our partners and customers.


Genesys is extremely sensitive to the requirements of our customers and partners in relation to the security and management of their data and data privacy. To ensure our partner and customer information is secured, managed and kept private, Genesys Cloud conforms with the principles of GDPR. The foundation of this conformity in our practice is privacy and security in design.

Prior to the development of any product feature or function, we complete a Privacy Security Impact Assessment, which considers the potential impact of any development. It’s deduced, discussed and managed to ensure privacy information is neither mishandled nor mismanaged. Our privacy team of experienced lawyers — who are supported across function teams by appropriately trained and competent privacy officers — oversees this entire process.

Genesys is committed to maintaining this posture in relation to privacy information management and ensuring this by supporting our privacy team members and officers to develop and maintain their knowledge and competency through ongoing training, professional body memberships and conference attendance.