Seizing the Moment: 700 Businesses Knock out Legacy Providers and Switch to Genesys

The contact center industry is truly having a moment – a time when change is happening at a record pace.

And Genesys is certainly having a moment of our own.

It’s a moment marked by businesses making a massive shift away from laggard approaches and legacy contact center systems to technology built with the future in mind. This change can be likened to the move from flip phones to smartphones. Flip phones got the job done, but the smartphone gave us powerful computers that fit into our pockets – something we didn’t even know we wanted. And, it has changed the way we work, shop, communicate and so much more.

That’s the kind of tremendous change we are experiencing right now in the contact center industry. Businesses are running in droves toward solutions that enable the most predictive, contextual and efficient customer experiences available. In fact, earlier today we announced that since 2017, nearly 700 companies have chosen Genesys to replace outdated legacy contact center products.

But, there’s more.

It’s also a moment where businesses are choosing the cloud for all the reasons we’ve been saying they should consider it – infinitely scalable, agile and offers fast time-to-value. The tides are truly changing, and we have the stats to prove it. Last year more than 50 percent of Genesys wins were cloud solutions.

When I take a step back and think about the record-setting period Genesys is having, I’m in awe. Of our team. Our customers. Of this time in our industry. And the incredible opportunity ahead for Genesys.

The Impetus for Change

You may be wondering why so many companies are moving away from products upon which they’ve relied for years. Could it really be that bad? Yes, it is. Costly to maintain, prone to failure and with plenty of limitations, legacy contact center systems no longer cut it.

Simply put – outdated contact center solutions do not allow businesses to serve customers the way they want to be served or enable the kind of results they need to stay competitive.

Transformation Starts with Innovation

Businesses need a partner fully focused on customer experience with a track record of success and investment in innovation. A partner that provides technology to allow consumers to connect with businesses as simply as they do with friends, on the channel of their choosing including voice, text, web chat and social. A partner that can deliver predictive customer experiences powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning so they can calculate and improve customer experience outcomes. A partner that is cloud-ready today.

That partner is not Avaya or Cisco. That partner is Genesys.

Businesses are making the switch to Genesys now because they have an eye toward the future, and they know we do too. We understand transformation is ongoing. That’s why we built a dynamic customer experience engine that will scale along with businesses at their pace while evolving with consumer preferences and technology advancements that are yet to come.

Our unwavering focus on innovation is what drives our success in the market and attracts customers to Genesys.

The investments we have made, and continue to make, give our customers a roadmap for how they can apply powerful technology like AI to its full potential in order to realize targeted business goals.

Take, for example, Genesys Predictive Routing, which we announced earlier today as a part of our Summer Release. With AI at its core, Predictive Routing uses historical performance data to find the best match between customer interactions and available contact center agents. The goal is to deliver better sales, marketing, and service results for improved customer satisfaction and employee efficiency. It’s a practical way for organizations to use an emerging technology to build loyalty among customers.

This is the kind of innovation that takes the experiences our customers deliver to all new heights. And it’s at the root of our tremendous momentum displacing outdated Avaya and Cisco installs.

Hundreds of leading businesses from across all market segments and geographies have migrated to Genesys for a number of reasons. And hundreds more will do the same.

Why are so many organizations making the switch from their legacy contact center? Because our Customer Experience Platform brings them the innovation they need to differentiate their business. Because as Avaya sunsets a popular version of its contact center product, businesses are forced to choose between a costly upgrade that doesn’t get the job done or making the switch to a platform that’s yet to be proven.

And finally, because of the cost savings and new revenue sources that a contact center modernization strategy represents. Want to learn more?  Watch the webinar “Economic Impact Analysis”  to understand how much money hanging onto your old platform is costing you.