PureSuccess Service Catalog: Customer Engagement Success With the PureCloud Platform

No two companies are exactly alike when it comes to customer engagement. Each one requires its own path, based on unique strengths, challenges and goals. This means it takes more than a one-size-fits-all plan for a successful customer experience transformation and to achieve specific business outcomes.

Through PureSuccess™ for PureCloud®, companies gain the advantage of a framework to guide them through their customer experience journey and to maximize the value of their Genesys solution. And with a range of business and technical engagement services offered through the PureSuccess Service Catalog, this framework can be tailored and defined throughout on-boarding, launch, ongoing use, optimization and evolution.

Other important services, like implementing new PureCloud platforms or expanding existing organizations by adding new features, can also be defined and tailored based on customer requirements. Genesys is committed to providing the best set of services to cover customer needs.

Operational Readiness
Every successful journey begins with those first steps. When starting a customer experience transformation, it’s critical to ensure the right steps are taken since they serve as building blocks for the path forward. Using the different elements of the PureSuccess Service Catalog, companies can prepare to successfully deploy and use the PureCloud platform by anticipating potential technical problems, creating the right testing strategy or evaluating changes in their organization or processes. This leads to a more reliable platform and reduces the impact of solution change on their user base.

Accelerated Adoption
How we service our customers is as important as the technology we provide. Through the Service Catalog, companies can accelerate their adoption of the PureCloud solution with one or more “Quick Start” services that provide guidance on new functionality for adoption purposes. These remote engagements with a specialized PureCloud consultant can maximize success with agent scripting, dialer campaigns, Amazon Lex bot integrations and quality evaluations.

Solution Expansion
With the PureCloud solution, you can seamlessly integrate your contact center with existing systems or create new applications. With the Standard Integration Quick Start, offered through the Service Catalog, a PureCloud consultant walks you through a standard PureCloud integration — from initial review and configuration through demonstration — to ensure the overall experience is understood.

Leverage the API Quick Start to create a new application. With this service engagement, you engage with a PureCloud API expert who provides mentorship on API knowledge and usage, focusing directly on your chosen API solution or use case to accelerate progress toward customer engagement success.

You also can work with a PureCloud API expert to leverage the robust PureCloud public API by accelerating the creation of a simple proof-of-concept solution or for more complex applications.

Solution Optimization
Continuous improvement is vital for ongoing customer engagement success. Once the PureCloud platform is up and running, the Service Catalog can optimize your solution. This includes evaluating of your customer engagement and offering recommendations and guidance on adding channels that can enable you to deliver a true omnichannel customer experience. And, you also can set up employees for greater success by engaging with a Genesys Consultant to leverage the many workforce optimization capabilities built into the PureCloud platform.

Partner Enablement
Engagement through the Service Catalog is also available for Genesys partners to augment and accelerate upcoming customer implementations with access to Professional Services throughout each stage of the project lifecycle.

Help the Way You Need It
Whether you’re beginning your customer experience transformation or are well on your way, the Service Catalog gives you the support and guidance you need to make the most of your PureCloud solution. Ask your Genesys Advisor for more information on how to use these services or check out all the available services on the PureCloud dashboard.

Learn how the PureSuccess framework empowers you to get the most from your Genesys investment on your path to customer engagement success.