The Path Taken Makes All the Difference

There’s no consistency in technology services when it comes to customer success programs. This is partly because of business culture and the fact that different industries have different customers. And not everyone has the same definition of success. To some, it’s raising revenue by 15%; to others, it’s a 45% reduction in average handle time or higher Net Promoter Scores. These are all great achievements, but they don’t tell the whole story of success.

Success is more than an event; it’s an elevated state of being. You can take shortcuts to reach an event, but a Genesys Advisor won’t let that happen. To be successful, you must transform into the type of professional who can consistently deliver on results because there’s another revenue target just down the road. Seasonality can cause average handle time to slip. New competitors can steal your promoters. But how you react to your next challenges defines your success. And, at the end of the day, success is less about improving a number and more about improving your business. 

But success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There’s a chain of events that leads to successful moments. Laying the proper groundwork takes preparation and expertise. Make sure that your objectives are clearly defined and realistically achievable; establish milestones to ensure you’re on the right path; be certain that everyone is properly trained and knowledgeable about what you’re walking into — and that results can be measured and leveraged toward future success. These are the steps that your technology partner should be leading you through.

Success Paths Drive Results and Maturity

Your business needs are unique. Whether you want to pinpoint gaps in your preparedness to go live or move from your on-premises deployment to the cloud, you need a direct connection between you and your goals. It takes a partner who knows your unique needs and challenges to prescribe the right combination of engagements and resources to make that connection.

We’ve been making these connections for a while, and we see several well-worn paths that many businesses take to succeed. Through the right prescription of resources and engagements, we can connect you with your desired outcomes quickly and accurately — throughout the life of our relationship.

Part of our toolkit for making this happen is our PureSuccess Catalog, which contains expert engagements that we know produce results. Take a peek at how we help our customers achieve value with our technology.