PureSuccess for PureCloud: Turn Your Customer Experience Vision into a Reality Sooner

No two snowflakes are alike. Each takes a one-of-a-kind form optimized for its gravity-driven journey to Earth. Like snowflakes, every company is unique with its own set of strengths and challenges. On the journey to customer experience success, companies require more than just a one-size-fits-all plan. Optimal outcomes are derived from having the right set of tools, along with clear goals and expert guidance that illuminate a tailored path to success.

Empower yourself to achieve results
In 2018, Genesys launched the PureSuccess™ framework for Genesys PureConnect™ and Genesys Multicloud CX™ customers. Created to guide businesses through their entire customer experience journey and make it easier to obtain their desired business outcomes through Genesys customer experience solutions, PureSuccess is enabling a rapidly growing number of companies to transform their customer experience vision into a reality.

To empower even more companies with the expertise to reach their customer experience goals, PureSuccess is now available for the Genesys Cloud™ platform. With the same expert guidance, goal planning, and outcome-driven service engagements, PureSuccess can help you create your vision through the Genesys Cloud solution and realize that vision with a plan designed to drive your success.

Success requires more than tools
There’s no doubt about it. Customer experience is challenging. Tools are not enough to guarantee your success. Depending on your goals and familiarity with delivering customer experiences, you’ll require some level of assistance to realize desired outcomes. At Genesys, we believe there are three central components of any good customer success program—clear goals, expert guidance, and accelerated results. PureSuccess consists of all three components.

  • Clear goals
    With PureSuccess, you’ll work with a Genesys Advisor to define what success means to you and create an actionable plan to drive results that justify your investment. With your customer success plan in hand, your path will be clear while you track and enable business outcomes.
  • Expert guidance
    Your Genesys Advisor will be your trusted guide from Day 1, helping you with everything from onboarding to go-live to planning your next steps toward continued success. As your single point of contact, your Genesys Advisor is your assigned mentor to provide ongoing guidance and recommendations based on your specific goals.
  • Accelerated results
    Sustaining customer experience success over the long-term means being able to evolve. With the PureSuccess Service Catalog, you’ll have access to the most up-to-date business and technical engagements to get you through onboarding, launch, ongoing use, optimization, evolution and all the unexpected needs that can arise along the way.

If you prefer a do-it-yourself approach, take advantage of the Genesys Knowledge Network to access self-service expertise, including training, documentation, best practices, developer resources, community discussions and more.

PureSuccess for Genesys Partners
Along with helping companies achieve their customer experience goals, PureSuccess is designed to also help Genesys partners illuminate the path to their customers’ success. Partners gain everything they need to be the best possible resource for their customers. This includes having a dedicated Partner Success Manager who is available for consultation and to provide recommendations to accelerate successful outcomes.

It’s about partnership
PureSuccess defines our dedication to an ongoing partnership. It’s our pledge to put every resource you need at your disposal every step along on your path to customer experience success.

Stay tuned to the Genesys Blog as our experts share more about PureSuccess, including insights into success paths, the benefits of working with a Genesys Advisor and the many resources available to you.

And, find out more about the benefits of PureSuccess or reach out to your Genesys Advisor.