Forrester Report Highlights Contact Center Leaders, Emerging Technologies

One of the contact center industry’s most anticipated reports, “The Forrester WaveTM: Cloud Contact Centers, Q3 2018,” highlights three key differentiators among contact center leaders. In the report, Art Schoeller, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, shares findings on 11 of the top contact center industry providers—and ranks them according to specific criteria. He also delves into which emerging contact center technologies set leaders apart.

According to Schoeller, “AI, native workforce optimization and omnichannel support are key differentiators. As on-premises contact center technology becomes outdated and less effective, improved systems architected for cloud-based delivery that support artificial intelligence (AI), workforce optimization (WFO) and omnichannel will dictate which providers lead the pack.”

Genesys understands the power that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning bring to customer engagement and contact center technologies. AI currently permeates nearly every area of our portfolio—from AI-powered routing, self-service, agent assistance, and agent scheduling to prospect and customer journey. But we also understand that the real power of AI is realized when you blend it with human capabilities. And we call that Blended AI.

Blended AI by Genesys combines the human element with machine learning to enhance the customer journey. It brings together AI, adaptive learning, bots, cognitive computing and other Genesys automation technologies to empower our customers to deliver proactive and predictive experiences that are personalized for each customer and their unique journey.

Our customers’ strategies and uses around AI are as vast and varied as they are. Several customers were early adopters who went through the trial-and-error process that comes with any new capability. And now they’re seeing and validating the significant gains that AI has across their contact center operations. Others are looking at contained proof-of-concept projects—trialing chatbots and voice bots within their self-service, for example. And others are still looking to craft their AI strategy and approach, waiting to see more evidence of the ROI.

No matter which stage of adoption you’re in, Genesys has knowledgeable experts to help you see how using AI in your contact center can push you ahead of your competitors.  To hear more about AI, native workforce optimization and omnichannel, download the full “Forrester WaveTM: Cloud Contact Centers, Q3 2018” report. And please let us know how you use—or plan to use—AI as you engage your customers.