Don’t Let Your Contact Center Vendor’s Financial Future Put You at Risk

There has been plenty of news in the past year about the financial instability of several notable contact center vendors. Because of these uncertainties, many of their customers have been left in a precarious position. These vendors currently are not in the financial position to invest in innovation. Yet, innovation is necessary for keeping pace with today’s customers’ rapidly evolving expectations for more personalized, omnichannel journeys.

As the Genesys competitive intelligence guru, our sales team and partners commonly ask for my insights on our competitors and the evolution of the customer experience. It’s my role to stay current with industry commentary and analysis in the news. I recently had a great conversation with an analyst about the impact of our competitors presently struggling with financial difficulties.

Rather than seeing it as a need for a fast dismantling of software and hardware, he believes that a vendor’s bankruptcy could be viewed as an opportunity. Companies facing vendor uncertainty can use this time to review what’s critical and evaluate current needs and goals while also determining a strategy to reduce vulnerabilities caused by the instability.

Proactive Decision-Making

Times have changed. These days, companies can communicate or collaborate without an enterprise telephony system or selected unified communication platform. Yet, the contact center piece remains a critical element. As a result, it makes sense for companies with legacy contact center solutions to evaluate other options before they’re forced to make a hasty decision.

Determine What Is Most Critical

If your contact center hardware and software are primarily with a vendor with financial troubles, it can be overwhelming to consider a complete overhaul of your system. The good news is that it’s not necessary to take a rip and replace approach. The logical first step is to begin the replacement with the most essential components to your company’s success. This is likely to be your contact center infrastructure. By doing so, you can avoid dismantling everything at once while minimizing vulnerabilities.

Getting Started

Only time will tell which contact center solution vendors can overcome their current financial issues. What is certain is that companies with legacy infrastructure from these vendors  have a level of risk. The safest strategy is to plan for the worst-case scenario to minimize any impact. This can begin by assessing what’s possible with your existing environment and understanding what steps are necessary to move forward with a replacement.

By making the shift to a unified, single customer engagement platform that interoperates with all systems and channels, you can overcome vendor-related risks while moving toward delivering a better customer experience. Begin this journey of discovery by participating in the PureBridge Migration Assessment, consisting of two on-site workshops to uncover the potential for your environment and the steps needed to achieve your goals and objectives.

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