CX Heroes: A Year in Review

Most of the experiences you’ve had with customer service probably have been unremarkable. But, every once in a while, you have an extraordinary encounter — one that stands out because a representative exceeded all expectations to serve you. At Genesys, we think of these stars as CX Heroes. And we think their stories are worth telling.

The Genesys CX Heroes program recognizes excellent customer service representatives and the technology that empowers them to do their jobs better.

Meet the 2019 Genesys Heroes

Andrea Balitewicz, Butterball (United States)

During the holidays, many people have questions about how to thaw and cook a turkey for their family event. Butterball created the Turkey Talk Line in 1981 to provide cooking advice and tips to experts and novices. Andrea saves holidays for countless would-be cooks. She keeps her cool when holiday tensions heat up. Read Andrea’s story and watch the Butterball CX Hero video.

Marco Rossi, Swisscard (Switzerland)

You’re about to leave the country when you realize that you’ve lost the PIN for your business card. Tough luck, right? Not if you’re working with Marco Rossi. The Swisscard consumer service manager flew into action when his customer Liam called for help. Marco met Liam at the Zurich Airport helipad and hand delivered a letter with Liam’s new PIN. Read Marco’s story here.

Thapelo Kwenane, Harambee (South Africa)

In a country with an unemployment epidemic and innumerable scam artists taking advantage of job seekers, you might not trust a stranger who suggested using their platform to find a job. But that’s where Harambee contact center advisor Thapelo Kwenane shines: With empathy derived from having been unemployed himself, he made a genuine personal connection — and then a job connection — with job-seeker Msawenkosi Maphinda. Learn more about Thapelo here.

Ingrid Skjærseth, Ving (Norway)

Imagine being told by an airline that, as a disabled person, you couldn’t travel alone. Your assistant had to cancel her trip, so you have to as well. Luckily for Ving customer Ane, her service agent, Ingrid Skjærseth, was equally disturbed with this news. Ingrid did the research necessary to convince her company — and the airline — to change their policies . And Ane was able to enjoy her vacation after all. Read Ingrid’s story and watch the Ving video.

Caique Augusto da Mata, Bradesco Next (Brazil)

When you contact your bank for help with your account, you probably don’t expect to get relationship advice too. But Caique Augusto da Mata, a customer service representative for online bank Bradesco Next, takes those extra steps for customers. While helping a customer via chat, the man shared his sorrow over a recent break-up. Caique showed the customer that he had credits available and suggested that he buy his ex-girlfriend a gift. In the end, Caique solved both the customer’s banking — and relationship — problems. Read Caique’s CX Hero story.

Kate Kuehn, Crisis Services Canada (Canada)

When Kate Kuehn took herself to the hospital because she felt overwhelmed by suicidal ideation, a stranger — an older gentleman who was a volunteer — sat with her, listened and provided the kindness she needed at that moment. Touched deeply by the experience, Kate wanted to pay forward that compassion and began to work for Crisis Services Canada. She works in administration and volunteers on the crisis helpline — assisting people who are feeling despair like she once did. Read Kate Kuehn’s story and watch the Crisis Services Canada video.

Nicole Martin, MyBudget (Australia)

‘Twas the last business day before Christmas, and a MyBudget customer was scrambling. They mistakenly didn’t transfer money from one account to another in time to release the family’s Christmas presents from layaway at Target. MyBudget Customer Service Representative Nicole Martin sprang into action — designing a creative solution, involving payment via Target gift cards, that enabled the customer to get the presents safely under the tree for Christmas morning. Read why Nicole is a Genesys Hero.

The Next CX Heroes

Please consider nominating yourself, a colleague or an employee to be recognized in the Genesys Heroes program. Each year, six grand prize winners attend our customer events — three in the US and three in Europe. The prize includes air fare, hotel and registration fees for the hero and a colleague. Share your story here.

Watch the CX Heroes webinar series and read the ebook “Customer service best practices” to learn more about the CX Heroes program.