CX Heroes: Out of the Air, Nothing is Impossible with Determination

Usually, the extent to which a customer service representative can help is limited to the tools and systems within arm’s reach. That is to say, most service representatives solve problems from their work stations. But that isn’t always the case and it’s certainly not the case for Marco Rossi, who realized that only part of the solution was within arm’s reach: his car keys. 

Imagine you’re about to leave for an international business trip and you discover that you’ve lost the PIN for your business credit card. Seems like a simple solution: Call your credit card company and get your PIN over the phone. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. And for one business traveler (we’ll call him Liam), he needed his PIN immediately.

When Liam called Marco, the supervisor consumer service at Swisscard, to get a new PIN, Marco explained that a new PIN would be shipped out into the mail that day, per company policy. Unfortunately, Liam was about to step on a helicopter in Zurich and head to the airport to depart for New York City. He asked if Marco could simply give him the PIN over the phone. But Marco couldn’t do that; it was a huge security risk and strictly against policies, which stated that new PINs had to be generated and then delivered in a sealed document.

Marco had an immediate solution — hand-deliver the PIN to Liam at the helipad before he took off for the US. Time was of the essence; a missed flight, particularly one from Zurich to New York, would set Liam’s trip back by a day or more. Marco had to act fast.

Marco, who had 15 years of customer service experience prior to even joining Swisscard, felt that his supervisor, Dario Tibolla, would approve the idea. Especially since Swisscard encouraged customer service representatives to create new solutions to customer requests.

Soon Marco was off to meet Liam with his new PIN. He grabbed his car keys and left his desk to race the clock to the helipad. Thirty minutes later Marco arrived at the helipad to hand deliver the PIN to his customer.

“He (Liam) landed at the helipad, and he already had a big smile on his face. He introduced me to his pilot and his mother-in-law, and he was very excited to see me with the letter in my hand containing the PIN,” said Marco Rossi. “After a short conversation with him and his mother-in-law, we said goodbye — and he thanked me again for the outstanding service I had provided.”

“Marco is not only a sensitive and motivating supervisor, but he’s also an important success factor for the entire company due to his many years of customer service experience and his inspiring nature,” said Dario Tibolla, Head of Customer Service at Swisscard. “His ability to mobilize all necessary parties to make the impossible possible, is extraordinary. His credo isn’t without reason: ‘Nothing is impossible as long as you are determined and assertive’.”

Marco is a man of action. Such creative solutions are part of the Swisscard culture — and part of Marco’s DNA. Customer service representatives like Marco deliver extraordinary results each day. And that’s why he’s a Genesys Hero.

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