CX Hero: Banking Relationships and Matters of the Heart

Caique Augusto da Mata answers many chat sessions, emails and calls during his day at Bradesco Next, a bank focused on personalization for millennials and the hyperconnected. But one chat session was different; the client had more on his mind than his bank account.

The client had a broken heart and was struggling financially. He told Caique his personal story while they sorted out his bank account. Via chat, the client mentioned several times that he was very sad and had no idea how to fix his relationship. He was feeling deep sorrow about his recent break-up, and he was short on money because he was starting a new job. Caique, a customer service representative, helped him with his initial request, and then noticed that the customer had credits available to use. Seeing an opportunity to go the extra step with his client, he suggested the client could use these credits to buy a gift for his ex-girlfriend.

“Empathy, cordiality, sympathy, kindness, professionalism and competence are some of the required abilities for great customer service where the client is satisfied,” said Caique. And that means going above and beyond to listen and help.

Caique’s role is to understand his client’s banking needs and help them reach their financial potential. Bradesco Next is 100% digital, there are no physical branches. You download the app, open an account and bank with Bradesco Next online. Chat, email and calls provide the online bank an opportunity to get to know their customers personally.

Caique understands why being a customer service agent is an important job for the digital company. “I’m very analytical, and always try to know my clients as much as possible to be able to help them the best way I can. Great customer service consequently brings great results.”

Several days after their initial contact, the customer entered a new chat session for another service request and was routed for support to Caique. He instantly remembered the service that Caique provided on their first interaction. This time the client was in high spirits. He thanked Caique for listening to his personal story and for all the support. He told Caique that he followed the suggestion of purchasing the gift and got the relationship with his girlfriend back on track. He was also excited to start his new job. He was grateful that Caique not only listened, but made him aware of the credits available.

Sometimes support means more than financial guidance—personal gestures mean a great deal to the customer. Caique was more than a banking relationship manager that day.

“A simple call can make the difference in someone’s life. I don’t like to think that it was just a relationship, for me, it is the future, family, children,” he said.

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