The Cost of Doing Nothing: The Real Impact of Legacy Contact Center Systems

The French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre once said, “We are our choices.” This quote rings true for businesses, as well as for individuals. The customer experience is now the biggest competitive differentiator across every industry. With today’s customers expecting personalized, connected journeys across digital and voice channels, choosing to maintain a legacy contact center system that doesn’t support an omnichannel customer experience can have significant ramifications. In fact, it’s leading to a growing gap between businesses that are modernizing and those that are procrastinating.

Diminishing Control of Your Customer’s Journey

The average enterprise-level business will have 11 communication channels by 2018, according to the 2017 Dimension Data Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report. Yet, fewer than 10% of organizations currently have a digital strategy, and only 8.4% have all their communication channels connected. One of the more obvious impacts of disparate channels is the customer experience. With the addition of every new communication channel, customer journeys become more complex. Organizations must design and personalize these journeys to achieve the level of service customers expect, and this can only be achieved with integrated omnichannel capabilities.

Diminishing Control of Your Infrastructure

An outdated contact center system doesn’t just impact service. There’s also significant IT-related costs stemming from ever-increasing outages and downtime, as well as diminishing ability to integrate anything new, growing costs for maintenance, and IT’s inability to help move the business forward.

Legacy tools often result in disconnected applications and departments, too. There’s mismatched reports, gaps in information, and stand-alone applications – all necessitating quick fixes and work-arounds. This leads to yet another impact – the effect on employees. Aging systems impact employee efficiency, increase training time and effort, and lead to decreased job satisfaction and employee churn.

Are You Falling Behind Your Competitors?

The cost of doing nothing keeps accelerating. Even industry leaders are feeling the effect as they fall short in keeping up with competitors that have made the move and now have the tools and ability to control their customer’s journey across any and every channel.

In this new series “The Cost of Doing Nothing,” we’ll explore the ramifications of continuing to maintain legacy contact center applications. We’ll talk through the obvious, as well as hidden costs organizations should consider as they weigh the decision of keeping an aging system. We’ll also share some proven migration strategies that take each customer’s unique situation into account.

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