The 3 Chords of Sweet Customer Experience Music

I have loved music all my life. One of my earliest memories is playing in cars with the radio’s music in the background.

At school, I played recorder and oboe, but at the age of 18 I discovered the guitar and I have been expressing myself through ‘wood and wire’ ever since. For me delivering a great customer experience and playing or even enjoying listening to music have much in common. Some of my favorite pieces of music, across all genres, are built on these three common blocks or chords: innovation, orchestration and collaboration.

Regardless of the style of music, the best musicians and composers have mastered how to be original and innovative. They have learned how to compose, to arrange and to play that unique sound that only they could hear in their heads. They often have collaborated with others with the skills to play, engineer, master and produce that elusive differentiated sound.

Every business wants its customer experiences to be different. Yet too often it is also elusive, especially when it comes to the contact center. However, to achieve this is also rooted in those same three principles of innovation, orchestration and collaboration.

  1. Innovate

Creating a differentiated service experience is vital, as it is so easy to copy products and service offerings. When it comes to customer engagement you need to have the capacity to easily add new channels, change who is working on which channels and routing a variety of work to different people, locations or even 3rd parties. This gives you flexibility to adjust your organization to suit your changing needs. To do this easily you really require a purpose-built instrument. You need an integrated omnichannel desktop.

  1. Orchestrate

When a composer orchestrates they incorporate all the instruments that they want to hear into one piece. They orchestrate the whole sound. When playing live they conduct or lead all the musicians at once and in one place.

However, I often see businesses trying to orchestrate their customer experience with their channels managed through different systems, different routing engines, different systems for agent to use to receive and control the interactions. It’s like trying to play music with the instrumentalists in different rooms.  Having your channels managed in different systems removes the ability to truly orchestrate the customer’s experience. It stops you from understanding the customer as they transition across channels and limits your ability to personalize engagement. A true customer experience platform will help you create customer experiences that sounds like music to your customers’ ears.

  1. Collaborate

Some of the greatest music was collaboratively written. Legendary examples are Lennon Paul and McCartney, Simon and Garfunkel and countless more. They were not always the easiest of relationships but the power of working together constantly created great work.

In the same way, employees need to work collaboratively to deliver great customer experiences. Enabling the contact center to talk to the expert in the back office, or the field engineer to work with the contact center brings vast benefits to the customer in getting their issues easily resolved and to the organization in greater first contact resolutions. Great musicians push each other to get the best out of each other. Workforce optimization solutions will help you get the best out of every employee.

Producing the sound of great customer experiences

For your contact center to deliver innovative, orchestrated collaborative customer experiences requires your employees to have a unified desktop.  This enables you to centrally manage all channels (voice, video, digital and internal work items), provide the context and knowledge to personalize and enable your people to collaborate with one another across the wider enterprise.

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