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CX Cloud For Salesforce: Session 2

Welcome back to the CX Cloud workshop series! In this focused 1-hour session, led by Mathew Danish, we will dive deeper into implementation strategies and best practices for leveraging CX Cloud within your Salesforce environment.

Building upon the knowledge gained in the introductory session, we will explore practical approaches to implementing CX Cloud effectively. Discover tips and tricks for seamless integration, optimizing workflows, and maximizing the benefits of CX Cloud for enhanced customer experiences.

Don’t miss this chance to refine your Salesforce implementation skills with CX Cloud. Reserve your spot now and take your Salesforce journey to the next level!

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7:30 AM  PT /
9:30 AM  CT /
10:30 AM  ET

Meet the speakers

Paula kettenburg

Paula Kettenburg
Global Sales Leader & Executive Alliances

Mathew danish

Mathew Danish
Senior Principal Solutions Consultant