Grow revenue with an AI virtual assistant


Book more sales-ready meetings with AI-powered assistants

Never miss a sales-ready opportunity

With an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered sales assistant, you can engage every lead. This means automatically reaching out, understanding responses and replying with the right message — every time.

Focus on closing deals, not chasing leads

Eliminate low-value conversations from your team’s workload. By automating these interactions, your team can focus on high-priority opportunities and gain more selling time.

Stop wasting time on unqualified leads

Using your pre-set criteria, AI will qualify leads before scheduling a meeting with your sales representatives. Then, the AI ensures every lead receives the appropriate follow-up.

Automate marketing and sales conversations


Email assistant

Reach out to leads, understand intent and follow up. Qualify, nurture and track their responses. Use this information to improve customer experiences.

Website chatbot

Capture and convert more website visitors into qualified opportunities. Use AI chatbots to guide website visitors to the right outcome across every interaction.

SMS assistant

Meet your prospects where they are: their phones. Follow up and schedule meetings with leads via personalized SMS conversations.

Meeting scheduler

Understand lead intent and determine when to schedule or reschedule meetings. Then, use the best channel — email, chat and SMS — to schedule the meeting.

Live chat

Go beyond canned responses with natural language understanding AI. Truly comprehend customers’ intent and automate answers to common questions.

Reports and insights

Get the data you need natively within the software. Track, measure and analyze campaign performance. Get actionable insights about your audience and key metrics.



of customers expect companies to communicate with them in real time

Salesforce, “State of the Connected Customer”

Automate conversations across the revenue lifecycle

Driving the best possible outcome for your business requires seamless and convenient conversations. The right AI-powered tools and capabilities can help your business deliver them, remove administrative tasks, automate prospect engagement and more.

By having a virtual sales assistant, you can provide 24/7 prospect support and engagement to directly improve the buyer journey and user experience. And your marketing and sales teams can better focus on what matters most: building relationships with prospects, having more meaningful conversations, being creative and doing the most impactful work.

Empower your revenue teams to engage at scale

When it comes to AI-driven interactions, customers expect a human-like experience. by Genesys creates seamless, two-way customer interactions. Using natural language processing, you can automate time-consuming tasks, such as lead engagement, qualification and more. This helps you scale the customer support you can provide — and the pipeline you can create — without overloading your existing workforce.

Engage every single lead

Your customers are human — your AI-driven interactions should reflect that. Easily capture and engage every lead with language that feels natural. Then, take it a step further to identify a customer’s intent and determine the best course of action. This might mean nurturing that conversation or fast-tracking lead qualification.

Schedule qualified lead meetings automatically

Automating your meeting scheduling process helps sales representatives focus on closing deals. Our AI scheduler understands lead intent and determines the best possible moment to offer a meeting. Then it takes your representative’s availability into account, sends the meeting invite, manages rescheduling and reminds all parties of the upcoming event.

Interact across multiple channels

Not every customer prefers the same channel. That’s why by Genesys can interact and manage engagement across email, web chat and SMS. It meets your customers where they feel the most comfortable, using data points and custom attributes to personalize interactions — and improve the entire customer journey.

Engage in a way that reflects your brand

Implementing conversational AI should be easy. Our solution is ready for use at implementation. You can choose pre-built templates or craft unique sequences that match your brand tone. And you can be confident the conversational AI will understand your customers’ responses with a 97% accuracy rate.

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Frequently asked virtual assistant questions

What exactly does a virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant is an AI-powered software application that assists users in completing tasks, providing information or automating certain actions. Tasks might include setting reminders, playing music, answering questions, providing weather updates or controlling smart home devices. Some popular virtual assistants include Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.