Take a new perspective on employee experience

Traditional workforce tools offered efficiency — but not much more. To engage modern teams, it’s time for a new perspective on employee experience.

Keep up with a changing world

As markets evolve around the world, Genesys is helping companies transform the way they work to support customers — and employees. Businesses that are unwilling to take on transformation can’t keep up with a world that expects innovation and demands attention.

The nature of business transformation

Now it’s artificial intelligence (AI) and automation that are transforming our world. And they present an enormous opportunity for businesses to focus on the employee experience.

Businesses that are unwilling to take on transformation can’t keep up with a changing world. They’re plagued by gaps in functionality, antiquated thinking and processes that don’t support desired business outcomes. Employees feel it, too. In worst-case scenarios, these businesses collapse from their poor employee experience.

There’s a new generation of employees who expect more from employers. They want job satisfaction. They want to be a part of the solution. And they want to know you’re paying attention to their needs. How you respond to this desire for empathy is key to transformation.

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New employees. New expectations.

By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be millennials who want and need:

  • Simple and straightforward training
  • Guidance and feedback
  • Tools that encourage active participation in their development

Determine where your transformation begins

For decades, contact centers have focused ​on optimizing efficiency and effectiveness ​to improve customer experience. And early workforce management tools reflected that.

Workforce management (WFM) and workforce optimization (WFO) tools offered contact centers modern operational efficiency and some workforce scheduling — but not much for improving the employee experience.

Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) does more than fill the gaps. It includes the WFO and WFM features you need — and the latest workforce engagement tools to help all employees thrive. It’s built to transform your contact center ecosystem for more satisfied employees and customers.

Use the examples on the left to determine which workforce ring you fall into now and where your transformation to true workforce engagement begins.

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Engaged teams drive better results

Putting employee engagement first is the most direct path to improving customer experience. According to Gartner, the adoption of cloud technology has become mainstream and expectations of the outcomes are higher. Cloud gives businesses access to the latest innovations without compromising availability and scalability — the fundamentals of an employee experience transformation.


The Temkin Group

CX leaders have 60% more engaged employees than CX laggards.

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Highly engaged business units achieve 10% higher customer metrics, 20% higher sales and 21% higher overall profitability.

Omnichannel contact center engagement


Employee engagement is of equal or higher importance than other factors according to 86% of organizations.

Frost & Sullivan awarded Genesys the 2020 Frost Radar Best Practices Award
for Innovation Excellence in Workforce Optimization

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All-in-one, easy to use and powered by AI

Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management keeps costs low and innovation fast. Explore the interactive graphic below to learn how three key areas of workforce engagement provide all the tools you need for personalized employee experiences — all within a single contact center solution.


Start your transformation with Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management.

Do more than fill the gaps. Build employee engagement with tools that simplify the experience and smart automation that always has your team’s back.

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