Yo, welcome to my world

I’m Steve and I’m a customer service agent. I’ve been doing this for over 5 years. It’s not exactly what I wanted to do when I left college, but I love helping our customers—especially with our new customer experience platform.

My job here used to be really tough. Customers would get upset over how long they had to wait to get to an agent or about having to repeat information they’d already given us. At times, this made my job unbearable.


PureCloud All-In-One Solution for Agent Experience
I was completely fed up with our tools, and felt like I couldn’t do a good job. I thought about quitting.

Tools tailored for agent success

Absent customer context

Then they added new channels to give our customers choice: web chat, email, social media...but that made things worse. These were just new silos, with different systems operated by different teams. When I was dealing with customers I often had no context about why they were contacting us or if they’d done so before. If a customer called in after sending us an email, I had no knowledge of it or an easy way to look it up.

Separate and siloed systems

If my boss wanted me to work on a different channel, I had to log out of one system and then into the new one. Often times I had little to do while others in my team were overloaded. Of course, every system had its own reporting, so I couldn’t see in one place how I or my team were performing.

What’s the cost of doing nothing?

It all came to a head when Kris, our head of customer service, spoke to a few disgruntled customers who’d given us bad Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

Kris realized that we needed to stop managing our customers in silos. We needed a single platform to manage all customer interactions in one place, no matter what channel customers chose to use.

Without this, we’d go on upsetting our customers, working inefficiently and increasing our stress to the point where I’d be ill or leave.

Make an impact

Call centers have achieved 571% ROI with the Genesys PureCloud CX solution.

Show me how

All-in-one is the answer

Kris and Alex from IT looked around and found Genesys, a market leader in customer experience management. They helped us to integrate all of the channels into one platform, use an IVR to capture customer intent on calls, provide context in and across channels. This enables blending of work and provides a single source of truth for performance management.

Illustration for PureCloud all-in-one contact center software for improved agent experience
Illustration for PureCloud multichannel desktop showing one platform for multiple tasks and interactions

Agents of happiness?

With PureCloud by Genesys I now manage all of my interactions in one multichannel desktop—voice, email and social media. I access the right context and information when I need it and through our CRM integration. I update customers’ records, without having to jump from screen to screen. I also work on different channels, inbound or outbound, without moving between systems. This also means I now see how I’m performing through a single dashboard across all channels. If I need help, I can work with my colleagues or my supervisor through the collaboration tools built right into PureCloud.

Reduce handling times, increase productivity and meet service level agreements

Results that resonate

By using PureCloud by Genesys to integrate and streamline how we work, we are seeing great results. Our first contact resolution rate is up over 18%, contact handle time is down 10% and transfers have been slashed by 25%.  

This also means I can get out of the office more, and go ride my mountain bike.

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