Hi, I’m Alex

I’m the IT manager for a growing online company. We’re expanding like crazy, and I can barely keep up. I spend the bulk of my day managing the multiple systems that keep our business running. Yet I’m constantly being asked to do more.

The customer service department needs new capabilities they say are critical to stay competitive. But my resources are thin. I’m just one guy. I can barely keep up with the communication systems we have today.


PureCloud Omnichannel Solution for Admin Experience
Our IT infrastructure is at capacity and it's really impacting continued growth. Plus, my wife might actually divorce me if I spend another evening at work! Is there a better way?

Easy integrations get teams up to speed quickly

Forward-thinking and future-proof

Genesys came in and showed me PureCloud, an all-in-one customer engagement solution.

I was really surprised by how simple and easy PureCloud is to operate. It lets me give our users what they need today, while at the same time reducing my admin headache. But even better, PureCloud gives me a platform that will grow and evolve with us. The architecture is like nothing that’s available on the market today—very cutting edge.

Do more with less

I now have a single admin and configuration tool for managing customer engagement and communications. The web-based design is simple and easy to use, just like the rest of PureCloud. I use a single interface for setting up call flows, managing users/groups, permissions, data integrations, document storage, telephony settings and anything else I need to keep the business running.

PureCloud Offers Single Tool For Customer EngagementIllustration for PureCloud customer engagement software showing one platform for all contact center operations
PureCloud All-In-One Platform For Multichannel InteractionsIllustration for PureCloud customer engagement software showing one platform for multichannel interactions

Manage people, not tools

What’s most revealing is now I have much more time to focus on strategic IT initiatives, instead of the day-to-day grind of the admin tasks with our old system. I’ve become somewhat of a hero at my company because now customer service and support have these new simplified capabilities for managing and analyzing multichannel interactions. They think I’m a rock star! But it was my choice in PureCloud that really gave me the edge. Thanks to PureCloud, I’m “out of the dog house” with my wife, too!

Make an impact

Call centers have achieved 571% ROI with the Genesys PureCloud CX solution.

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