Start the conversation right with proactive chat

Never lose a sale or leave customers searching for answers on their own. That’s the power of proactive chat, built into every edition of Genesys DX. It lets you target a website visitor, start a conversation at the right moment, and capture leads and conversions.

Proactive chat invitations

With the Genesys DX™ solution, you choose when to strike up a conversation with your visitors based on your website volume, visitor behavior and business needs. Whether your support team invites visitors to proactively chat manually or you implement business rules, Genesys DX puts you in the driver’s seat.


Perfect for smaller websites with less traffic, manual invites let the support team member determine which invitation to send to which visitor based on real-time information. The support team member can see rich data about who’s on the site, including geographic location, keywords used to arrive on site, elapsed time on site, reverse IP and more.


Websites with a larger number of visitors generally benefit from the power of the Genesys DX proactive rules engine. It automatically issues an invite based on predefined website visitor behavior, types of buyers, pages visited and more. Create as many rule sets as you wish, and automatically test one or more proactive chat invitations against another to fine-tune your strategy.

Tailor the chat experience

As with almost everything else in Genesys DX, you can customize how your proactive chat invitations look and behave based on visitor actions or type of device.

Mobile invitations

Maximize mobile engagement by creating an entirely unique set of proactive chat rules tailored for mobile visitors. Genesys DX automatically recognizes the type of device a website visitor is using and presents specific invitations that render beautifully every time.

Invitation types

Genesys DX supports multiple invitation types, including a simple graphic, chat or pre-chat form and mobile versions. You may find that one invitation type yields more impressive acceptance rates than another depending on the circumstances.

See the future of digital engagement

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