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Deploy, Scale & Manage Great Experiences in Minutes. See PureConnect in Action!

The ability to quickly scale and manage a contact centre team based upon service level needs could make or break a customer’s experience. The challenge often lies in the time and engineering between multiple contact centre tools to piece together a customer’s history.

An all-in-one solution brings an agile approach to your teams, as well as your reporting and planning. PureConnect, powered by CIC/CaaS, is a proven solution used by thousands of organisations for voice and digital communications for exceptional customer service.

Watch this on-demand webinar to see a LIVE DEMO of PureConnect. Get a first look at an evolved web-based UI that makes it easier than ever to deploy, scale, and manage great experiences:

During this on-demand webinar, you’ll see why PureConnect is:

  • All-in-One—it’s all in there and easy to expand at any time, just add more licenses
  • Easy to use—powerful admin tools to manage and update IVR, or whatever you need…quickly and directly
  • Staged deployment—see how to build a staged plan to integrate your systems and to move your teams over without disruptions

Meet the Speakers


David Ham
Sr. Technical Sales Consultant at Genesys


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Live Assistance