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Learn how to optimise your customer engagement with leading edge technology solutions and insights. Hear from industry experts and gain insights to take your customer and employee experiences to new heights. See the technology in action with interactive demos, including

  • Genesys Cloud CX – Learn how Genesys Cloud CX provides the best customer and employee experience capabilities from a single, open technology platform
  • Predictive Engagement – Powered by Genesys AI, Predictive Engagement collects and analyses customer journeys and makes real-time decisions about which customers to engage with as a priority, and over which channel, to drive optimal customer outcomes
  • Virtual Agents – Leverage AI powered voicebots and chatbots to automate interactions and provide seamless a handoff to human agents
  • Agent Assist – Empower live agents with continuous support during their calls, as Agent Assist transcribes calls in real time, identifies customer intent and provides real-time, step by step assistance

Why attend?

Independent consultants

Learn about the latest trends and new emerging technologies from the Genesys experts

Moving to the cloud

Learn why cloud technology matters

Professional services

Hear from industry peers and experts

Business automation

Network with peers and share your knowledge and experience

More CX Tours near you are on the way, so check back often.

In the meantime, see the full list of global CX Tour dates.

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