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What is Call Center Workforce Optimization?

Modernize Your Customer Service Strategy with Call Center Workforce Optimization from Genesys

Call Center Workforce Optimization is a customer experience strategy that modernizes call center technologies and platforms, through the use of digital channels, to increase employee engagement and improve customer satisfaction.

Call center workforce optimization integrates call center technologies, systems and digital channels—such as web, social media and mobile—into a single point of management to increase the visibility of customer interactions, employee performance and business processes. By analyzing all customer interactions, businesses can leverage insights to coach their employees and streamline workflows to improve the overall quality of customer service.

An increase in workforce quality and the ability to empower call center agents leads to great customer experience (CX). Companies who have successfully improved their customer service strategy focused on modernizing their call center workforce management.

Genesys is the industry leader in integration and modernization of both workforce optimization (WFO) and the work distribution cycle.

For every customer interaction, Genesys Continuous Workforce Optimization delivers highly accurate:

  • Omnichannel customer journey management
  • Speech analytics
  • Text analytics
  • Employee performance analytics
  • Schedule-based routing for front and back office tasks

Increase your customer service quality by focusing on your call center WFO. Learn the top 10 strategies for call center modernization in this eBook.