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What is an Outbound Call Center?

Reaching someone by phone from an outbound call center has never been easier. According to Pew Research, 97% of Americans own a smartphone. That means most people are accessible via phone call — no matter where they are.

An outbound call center allows your company to engage the right people to obtain new business and even perform research. Here’s what you need to know about outbound call centers.

An outbound call center defined

There are a few differences between inbound and outbound call centers, including who’s making the calls and the purpose of those calls.
Inbound call centers process information and take calls from customers who need help making payments or have questions about products, services or their accounts. An employee at an inbound call center guides customers through company policies and is skilled in certain topics and procedures. They might deal with frustrated customers who can’t solve an issue on their own or need help in other ways.
At an outbound call center, employees make phone calls to prospects to gain new leads; they often share information, such as new products or services that are available. These types of call centers also conduct product research by asking people specific questions to better understand how a company’s products or services are viewed in the marketplace and among the competition.


Making outbound calls to potential customers allows employees to speak directly about a service or product. For example, if a prospect needs a new roof or siding for their home, an expert can call them to inform them about available services as well as the process and steps involved in the project.
Using an outbound call center lets you reach potential clients and build relationships over time. This two-way conversation engages customers and makes personal connections. Software programs can improve the customer experience by reaching the right people in a timely, personalized way.

Types of calls

One of the biggest differences between inbound and outbound call centers is the types of calls. Outbound call centers make “cold calls,” meaning you call someone who isn’t expecting your call. However, cold calls can sometimes frustrate potential customers.

“Warm calls,” on the other hand, are calls to prospects with whom you already have a connection. For example, you might call a prospect who visited your website and expressed an interest in your product. These prospects might tell you the best time to reach them so you can make your most effective sales pitch.

Using an outbound call center

With the right technology in place, an outbound call center can help you engage with customers on their terms.
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