Unified communications as a service (UCaaS)

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a collection of cloud-based solutions that consolidate real-time and asynchronous communication tools such as email, text messaging, voice and web conferencing into a single interface or platform. By bringing together an organization’s communication technologies, UCaaS eliminates data and communication silos and streamlines internal operations.

UCaaS facilitates better data sharing, improves collaboration and responsiveness, and creates a more efficient and productive work environment. The leaner and more agile communication infrastructure afforded by UCaaS also simplifies the management process, reduces IT overhead and eliminates the need for multiple vendors.

UCaaS also provides increased flexibility for IT departments. For example, Genesys, a UCaaS provider, offers native capabilities that easily integrate with an organization’s existing communication tools. This flexibility lets company’s leverage existing investments while benefiting from the enhanced features provided by our UCaaS platform.

In particular, contact centers significantly benefit from adopting UCaaS solutions. By integrating UCaaS with contact center software, organizations create a more complete solution that improves both employee and customer experiences. For example, a unified agent interface that consolidates text and chat channels enables agents to work more efficiently and manage customer interactions more effectively. Or, by displaying the availability of subject matter experts (SMEs), UCaaS promotes collaboration between agents and internal SMEs. This can accelerate problem resolution, positively affecting first-call resolution rates and improving the overall customer experience.