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The new social engagement imperative

There’s no getting around it—customers today are talking about your business on social media—either hoping to interact with you directly or sharing opinions with others about their experiences with your business.

Genesys Social Engagement

If customers are satisfied, then the happy chatter is good news for your bottom line. But if customers are unhappy about unresolved complaints or problems, it can have a major
impact on your brand perception. When there is negative talk about your company on social media, do you have the strategies and processes in place to take action?

For many businesses, social media efforts are still evolving, and processes are often manual and fragmented. For example, social media channels are usually owned by marketing groups, who struggle to handle questions related to product support or other areas. The result is that, instead of optimizing communications with customers, these reactive, piecemeal processes for handling social media interactions may leave your customers frustrated.

As the volume of these interactions continues to escalate, it’s clear that simply throwing more people onto Twitter and Facebook is not a sustainable solution—there needs to be an evolution to a scalable model for managing social engagement.

Genesys Social Engagement: Proactively Engaging in Social Conversations

To operate effectively in an increasingly social business environment, you need to create, automate and optimize best practices for social engagement. By taking a proactive approach
and implementing practices that transcend business units, you can improve your customer relationships with more meaningful interactions. Genesys Social Engagement, a holistic solution that removes organizational and technological silos when engaging with customers on social media, can make these proactive plans a reality.

Using Genesys Social Engagement, your business can monitor their presence on relevant social media sites and easily identify andprioritize online comments. You can share social
media interactions across the enterprise, and call on the most appropriate people to engage with customers as needed. This creates new levels of scalability, consistency and responsiveness to your social media interaction strategies.

For example, assume that a customer posts a question or complaint about your company on Twitter. The Genesys solution finds the message, analyzes and prioritizes it, and then sends it to the right person—whether in marketing, customer service or elsewhere in the company. For support related interactions, employees can respond within their existing contact center desktop—without having to log into Twitter—closing the loop in the initial social media channel.

Using Genesys Social Engagement, your can be present and responsive on the social media channels that are most important to your customers, without creating new silos of information for Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or other social media interactions.

You can easily and effectively use the solution to support your existing and evolving social media strategies:

  • Monitor Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter for messages referencing your products, brands or services.
  • Offer pre-sales and post-sales support to people who reach out on social networks.
  • Actively engage with people who post messages that indicate they need assistance or are dissatisfied with your products or services.
  • Monitor the social sphere and engage with people using your products and services.

Think of your social media strategy as four general steps, progressing from passive listening to active customer engagement and integration.

Establish a presence on social media sites and monitor them to see what people say about your brand, products or services.

Decide which interactions need a response from your business and which department—marketing, support, sales or another area—is best to respond.

Get the right person in your company to respond with consistent, accurate and meaningful information. Where possible, close the loop by responding in the same medium as the initial comment.

Integrate interactions across customer touch points and departments, so that customers get a single, consistent view of the company—no matter how they engage with you.

Your business may be doing one or two of these steps today, but without automated processes and integration across departments, your efforts are likely fragmented and inconsistent.

Using Genesys Social Engagement, you can implement your social media strategy in a scalable, automated fashion that is tailored to your business rules and best practices.

Step 1: Listening at Scale

With Genesys Social Engagement, your business can listen to the social media sites where your customers and prospects interact—even if there are hundreds or thousands of
interactions each day.

Genesys Social Engagement automates social listening with:

  • Out-of-the-box integration with Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Messenger.
  • An open API that supports the specific social media sites that are relevant to your business.

Automated analysis helps you make sense of large volumes of chatter:

  • Is it positive or negative? Sentiment analysis helps you target complaints quickly.
  • Is it actionable? Is it worth passing on to customer service or another department?
  • Is the poster influential? Influence ratings can help you prioritize responses for users with many followers.
  • What value do these messages bring to your business. Combining the value of the messages with the influence of the author can ensure that messages are not prematurely
    prioritized by overly vocal followers.

Step 2: Prioritizing Interactions

Once you know what people are saying, Genesys helps you prioritize responses to social media postings, getting them to the right people, in the right order, according to your business priorities.

  • Categorize and segment interactions: Decide which departments, subject matter experts or contact center agents should receive interactions and then route them accordingly.
  • Prioritize according to business rules: Use the sentiment and actionability analysis in Step 1 to apply business rules for prioritizing the interaction. Negative comments from influential, high-value posters might have a higher priority than others, for example.
  • Manage responsiveness according to rules and service levels or best practices: If an interaction is at risk of not meeting your service level objectives, escalate it

Step 3: Engaging Within Social Media

The next step is engaging with the customer or prospect in the social media environment.Genesys Social Engagement makes it easy to integrate those interactions with your existing infrastructure:

  • For employees tasked with customer service, the social media messages determined to be actionable are delivered to the agent desktop. Employees are given suggested responses, ensuring consistency of information across all channels.
  • Employees can respond in media (Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Twitter) from within the Genesys desktop, without the need for a separate login. This eliminates the risk of employees accidentally mixing personal and corporate Twitter accounts.
  • Interactions that require a longer or confidential conversation can be pushed to another channel without losing context or breaking the conversation. For example, Facebook can be integrated directly with email, chat and Web callback for easier customer engagement.
  • The employee can tie the interaction to an existing customer record, automatically linking the customer’s Twitter, Facebook or other ID with the customer record. The social media interaction becomes part of the unified customer record.

Step 4: Achieving Social Media Integration

Companies that are most successful with social media recognize that it cannot be the responsibility of a few, isolated individuals, nor can it be contained within organizational silos. Genesys Social Engagement helps you integrate social media throughout the business.

  • On the front end: Genesys Social Engagement streamlines interactions across customer touch points. Conversations can begin on Twitter, Facebook or Facebook Messenger and seamlessly continue to phone, SMS or other channels, while being consolidated in a single customer record.
  • Throughout the business: Genesys Social Engagement helps you route interactions to the right people, no matter the department. Consistent responsiveness on social media strengthens your brand overall.
  • On the back end: Genesys Social Engagement offers integrated analysis and reporting of all customer interactions, including those initiated or completed over social media channels. With both real-time and historical reporting, you can track adherence to service level objectives, and your overall performance in handling customer interactions.

Strengthening Your Brand with Genesys Social Engagement

There’s no denying it—social media is here to stay, and its use is only accelerating across multiple demographic groups.

If you want to stay engaged with your customers, you need a well-implemented, integrated strategy for managing customer interactions across all social media channels. The bottom line is that such a strategy will help your business become nimbler and better informed, and it will strengthen your overall brand perception.

Using Genesys Social Engagement, you can position your company to thrive in this increasingly social business environment.

  • Automate the processes of listening to your customers on social media.
  • Eliminate manual, isolated or inconsistent efforts in responding to social media posts.
  • Extend business rules and service-level strategies to the growing volume of social media-based interactions.
  • Be responsive, consistent and accurate when engaging on social media sites.

By taking a proactive approach and implementing the right solution for social media engagement, you’ll experience optimized social interactions, happier customers, and a stronger brand appreciation.

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