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Genesys Skills Assessor

Boost employee productivity and efficiency

Genesys Skillls Assessor

Take the guesswork out of improving employee engagement

Knowing what skills your employees possess is vital to providing consistent, efficient and effective service. Proactively identifying critical capabilities and addressing gaps in relevant
skillsets can be the essential difference between a great experience—turning a customer to a brand advocate—and a poor experience—driving them to a competitor and damaging the reputation of your business and your bottom line.

Many businesses try to identify skills gaps through traditional quality assurance programs, but these efforts can be undermined by incomplete information. It can be difficult to integrate the performance-related data from systems such as quality management, CRM or HR. With incomplete or inaccurate information, it’s a challenge to create comprehensive profiles of employee capabilities and potential. This negatively affects employee performance, successful interactions and work-routing strategies. Without accurate assessments, identifying and resolving skills gaps is guesswork. You can easily make the costly mistake of using your resources inefficiently and providing far more, or far less, training than your employees actually need.

This dangerous combination of factors—poor identification of capabilities, inability to pinpoint and address knowledge gaps properly, and inability to automatically update information about employee skills for accurate skills-based routing—leads to disappointing customer experiences.

Build a blueprint to manage skills gaps and improve customer experience

Genesys Skills Assessor delivers the capabilities to help your team provide experiences that keep your customers coming back. It enables you to identify successful behaviors and automatically correlate desired business performance and key metrics with the skills best suited to achieve those results. This gives you the ability to develop “employee engagement blueprints” that specifically identify the skills, characteristics and profiles of top performers, and provide an understanding of the training needed for employees with skills and performance gaps. You can then use these blueprints to provide targeted, relevant training to strengthen the performance of all your employees and, ultimately, to improve the experience your customers have with your business.

Proactively assess and improve employee performance for unmatched benefits

More insight from previously inaccessible performance data: Support strategic and operational decision making and give employees the ability to take ownership of their own development.

Deliver great customer experiences: Dramatically improve the quality of all interactions and reduce delays, transfers and repeat interactions.

Increase revenue: Deliver substantially improved sales results by enhancing employee capabilities, productivity and efficiency, as well as improving customer retention and likelihood to recommend.

Improve employee engagement: Create personalized development plans to boost employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Reduce operational costs: Relevant, targeted training based on individual employee needs helps eliminate costs associated with a one-size-fits-all training approach.

Manage risk: Ensure that regulations are respected to prevent hefty fines and substantial consequential revenue loss.

Genesys Skills Assessor capabilities

Designed with the needs of managers, employees and the business in mind, Genesys Skills Assessor includes patented features, such as a performance correlation engine, analytics, knowledge nudges, sophisticated assessments, a user-friendly interface, and reporting dashboards, to improve employee performance quickly and easily.

With Genesys Skills Assessor, your business can turn a weakness into a strength by allowing you to pinpoint the most desirable customer service skills, identify gaps in those skills and correct them in the most efficient manner possible. When used in a complete Genesys Skills Management strategy, Genesys Skills Assessor is a key component of a closed-loop improvement process in which employee engagement and performance can be constantly assessed, analyzed and improved.

Proven capabilities

A leading internet service provider wanted to increase sales and looked to the Genesys Skills Assessor. They created two groups of equally skilled agents with similar sales results. One group used Genesys Skills Assessor; the other group did not. The result was that agents in the Genesys Skills Assessor group sold over 100% more than the agents who didn’t for the same product in the same time period.

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Capability benefits

  • Jointly assess performance issues or business improvement opportunities (front/back office, contact center, HQ).
  • Schedule “push” of online assessments and feedback. Track completion and results
  • Import performance data (CRMs, ACD, HR and legacy systems) and perform comprehensive correlation.
  • Generate DNA blueprints of model performers. Target mid and low performers with knowledge nudges and appropriate training.
  • Reassess employee skills and knowledge effectiveness of performance improvement actions
  • Generate customized development plans in line with identified skills gaps. Track performance and update routing strategies and other systems

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