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Genesys Composer V8

Genesys Composer V8

Designing strategies across all channels

Composer provides a consolidated development environment for Genesys applications, providing tools to support both self-service (that will run on the Genesys Voice Platform) and assisted service (that will run on the Genesys Routing platform). It’s a powerful and flexible tool.

Composer Voice to Design VXML Applications for Genesys Voice Platform

Genesys Composer Voice provides a rich development experience for building VoiceXML (VXML) and CCXML applications. It generates VXML applications which result in overall better performance and dynamic backend communication—both on the Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) and the Web Application Server side. Composer Voice’s easy extensibility and adaptability provide third- party add-ins and plug-ins like source control programs; team, project, and individual preference settings; and layout customization. The outcome is that speech application development becomes easier, faster, and almost error-free.

Composer Route to Design SCXML-based Applications for the Orchestration Platform

Genesys Composer Route provides a set of function blocks that allows developers to create applications that can utilize customer profile, context and interaction history information to route interactions providing better customer experience. It enables development of routing workflows for specific omnichannel conversation management use cases.

Routing Rules are reusable configuration objects that can be created in advance, independent of a routing workflow or subflow. These rules can then be changed by a Composer user during runtime without having to modify the actual workflow code, and thus without having to take the workflow out of production.

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  • Consolidates development, testing, and deployment of voice applications and routing strategies
  • Designs the customer experience from end-to-end with strategies for all channels
  • Focuses on the user experience with a highly customizable interface
  • Easy integration with Genesys Rules System, Conversation Manager and other third party tools
  • Supports the entire development lifecycle for these applications, including project management, coding, debugging, and testing
  • Protects application integrity through version control
  • Based on industry-standard Eclipse platform

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