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Automatic List Loader

Increase your efficiency with scheduling and importing outbound calling lists

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  •  Saves time and streamlines processes for loading outbound calling lists and campaigns
  • Reduces contact center administrative workload and potential errors resulting from manual efforts
  • Eliminates need for middleware or multiple tools to handle different lists and file formats


  • Automatically parses and imports unlimited number of calling lists with different file and data source formats
  • Supports MSSQL and Oracle as underlying calling lists Database Management System (DBMS)
  • Schedules the importing of text files using the software functionality
  • Can schedule and use multiple file sources and locations

Automate your processes for loading outbound calling lists and campaign workload management

Creating a calling list used to involve the manual creation of files from customer data, or development of home-grown applications or tasks to generate the lists for importing into Genesys Configuration Manager (CME). Both of these methods introduced challenges, with no direct integration into Genesys CME, and constant upkeep of new calling list formats and source files.

The Automatic List Loader provides a way to automatically update or load calling lists from third-party systems. Data can be sourced from text files, and then fields can be mapped to make the new calling list match the CRM system, no matter how the fields are named in the CRM system. This process saves significant time over the manual loading of calling lists which is a labor-intensive and error-prone. Automatic List Loader provides an automated process to parse back-end files containing contact information, and insert records into the corresponding calling list to be consumed by the outbound contact solution.

Improve efficiency and reduce operational costs

The Automatic List Loader lets you easily load outbound calling lists and campaigns through flexible configuration to accommodate your specific needs. Automatic List Loader ensures improvements are recognized with outbound list loading by reducing delays and inefficiencies associated with manual processing and loading of calling lists and campaigns.

Technical benefits of the Automatic List Loader

  •  Full integration with Genesys configuration and management layers – Parameters are defined through Genesys Configuration Manager (CME), and allow you to load one or many calling lists.
  • Design and file formats supported – The component model architecture simplifies the incorporation of new sources and destinations. Multiple file formats are supported, such as fixed length, CSV, or other file formats.
  • Database connectivity–MS SQL or Oracle databases for Outbound Contact Server (OCS) are supported
  • Performance–ALL multi-threaded design ensures optimum performance for every task: load, parse and import.
  • Data validation–Basic data validation cleans invalid business values on the calling list.
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Technical specifications

  • Supported Operating Systems:
    • Windows 2003 or later
  • Supported databases and other platforms:
    • MSSQL, Oracle for calling list Database Management System (DBMS)
    • Net 4.0 (using Genesys Platform SDK)


  • Genesys products:
    • CIM (Management and Framework)
    • Outbound Contact
  • License Server
  • FTP Server (Optional)

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