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Collections made easy

Simplify collections management with Latitude by Genesys

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Maximize your returns and take pressure off agents

Information is critical to effectively manage your collection-and-recovery process — from front-end collections to maintaining compliance with internal service levels to ensuring that the back office functions smoothly.

Having access to all information lets you build your collections strategy, maximize agency efficiency and fully understand the state of your inventory as accounts move through the collection-and recovery process.

Create a better customer experience, improve recovery rates and increase agent effectiveness with Latitude by Genesys.

Transform your approach to accounts receivable management

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Improve recovery rates

Create a better collections strategy by fully automating the process and adjusting to changes.

Agent calling

Increase agent effectiveness

Give agents the tools they need to meet their goals.

Ethics and compliance

Stay compliant

Simplify compliance with process automation and data solutions that alert agents to outbound requirements and regulations.

Solve your accounts receivable challenges

From day one delinquency through charge-off and debt sale, Latitude by Genesys is the all-in-one solution to your accounts receivable challenges. By bridging your servicing platform with Latitude, agents get all necessary information — current and historic — in a single desktop on a single platform.


Data at your fingertips

Extract or ingest information the way you need to see it with a drag-and-drop mapping tool and simplify complex functions like extending credit to consumers, debt collections, and collections and recovery on delinquent or charge-off accounts.

Connect your whole team

360-degree customer views

Create a better experience and interaction with a complete view of a customer’s current and historic collections records.

Professional services

Take control of your outsourcing strategy

Gain an understanding of partner performance and make critical business decisions using rich bidirectional data and integrations.

See Latitude by Genesys in action with a comprehensive demo.

Powerful collections software with the features you need

Pre-built integrations

Pre-built integrations let you easily integrate with multiple service providers for mail generation, skip-trace functionality, payment processing and data enrichment.

Automate the process

The Latitude Workflow automation tool lets you design, test and deploy process automation — without the need for IT resources — via the drag-and-drop workflow designer.

Exchange data with other systems

The Latitude Exchange, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool lets you extract or ingest information from other systems or platforms, such as data warehouses or business intelligence platforms.

Outsource Management

The Agency Interface Manager (AIM) lets you define the strategy and controls to fully automate the outsourcing process) — whether you use a simple outsourcing approach or complex multi-tier placement strategies.


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Pre-built integrations

Latitude by Genesys integrates with multiple vendors to make collections a breeze.

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It’s Time to Fire Your Billing System

Using your billing system for collections can be detrimental to your business. Here’s how leading companies do it instead.

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Don’t rely on outdated solutions to manage accounts receivable needs. Get a platform designed for the complexities of debt collection.

Latitude by Genesys resolves current gaps in functionality while reducing the pressure on your agents and increasing recovery rates.

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