Taking the Steps to Transform and Deliver on Our Promises

No matter where you are, the experiences you have determine the health of your relationships. According to customer service statistics, the magic ratio—having five times as many positive interactions as negative ones—determines a relationship’s health and stability.  Happy customers, on the other hand, only tell four to six people about their positive experiences. Our future success depends on the health of our relationships with you—our customers.

Leading the PureConnect Customer Care organization, I am acutely aware of how we affect the delivery of the Genesys promise for exceptional customer experience. You told us we have some work to do—and you were right. To meet and exceed your expectations in service and quality, we have been undergoing a significant transformation.

Always-On Global Services

Our customers are located all over the world; issues must be resolved every minute of every day. In the past, Genesys was regionalized, which meant that you had to wait until business hours to call for support. Today, we have adopted a “follow the sun” model to provide you with support 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. There will always be someone with the right expertise to help you get back to business—no matter the day or time.

We also implemented a tier-less model that enables us to connect you to subject matter experts (SMEs) based on your environment, the urgency/impact level and the SME workload. You get a prompt response, and that ensures you get a solution faster.

Investing in People

Providing the right help at the right time is essential. That’s why we’ve hired more talent to support the Genesys® PureConnectTM customer base. We’re making significant strides to ensure our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to resolve your issues quickly—no matter how complex.

We also empower employees to do the right thing—and that comes from knowing that leadership has their backs. I’ve empowered this growing team with the authority they need to do the right thing without having to go through a lot of handoffs and approvals.

To meet our customers’ demands, we must evolve. Our new Care Operations team was created to make sure we don’t fall into bad habits. While some processes have served us well, others have not. Our operations team recognizes this, and they’re working to make sure we examine our processes from a customer’s lens so we make it easier for you to do business with us. For example, they’re working diligently to mature the self-service experience, including a more robust knowledge base and facilitating online ticket submissions.

Breaking Down Silos

We take a customer-centric approach, so we work hard to break down silos, bridge gaps across the organization and increase cross-functional collaboration. For example, the customer care organization collaborates with customer success managers, documentation owners, product development engineers, and customer experience teams to ensure your issues are resolved in a more intuitive and effortless way.

We’re often your direct line to the developers who architect our products. Together, we determine the best approach—a special one-time fix or an update that benefits all PureConnect customers. While we could just give you a Band-Aid, we want to find the solution and cure the cause.

Transformation Is Continuous Improvement

While consistency is key, we’re also flexible in our approaches. As we grow and evolve, we take notes and cues from you to ensure we navigate your issues. That’s why we send out a transactional Net Promoter System (NPS) survey after you close a care case. It’s not a direct measure of your care analyst; it’s meant to gauge how well Genesys worked to resolve your issue. The feedback you provide is entered into the Genesys Net Promoter System framework, where various teams who touch customer care cases review it. I see and read every transactional NPS survey and comments that are submitted for the PureConnect platform. We use your feedback to drive strategies, cross-functional collaboration and to make your experience better.