Super Human Service: Xerox Designs Digital Customer Experiences


Xerox is a workplace technology company, building and integrating software and hardware for companies of all sizes. Whether inventing the copier, the Ethernet, the laser printer or more, Xerox has long defined the modern work experience. Geographically, its footprint spans 160 countries.

Customer experience (CX) is the number one priority at Xerox. The company takes a unique approach with a customer-led innovation process. Whether it’s designing a product, solution or service, the human interface design starts with the customer in mind.

“When customers interact with Xerox as a corporation, they expect to have a high-quality engagement or interaction with the company. In addition, they expect quality products, solutions, and services,” said Naresh Shanker, Chief Technology Officer at Xerox.

“In essence, it’s important that we don’t break that expectation because, I fundamentally believe when you actually design for great customer experiences, then they fall in love with the brand. And when they fall in love with the brand, that leads to a lifelong experience and engagement that is important for us.”

Xerox was looking for a partner who shared its emphasis on customer service and experience and also was invested in its success. The company selected the Genesys Cloud™ platform for its customer service platform. They worked with the Genesys Professional Services team for their platform implementation, which included a global transformation with 67 countries in 14 languages.

Transforming Global CX with a Flexible Cloud Solution

In 2021, Xerox migrated to a true cloud solution that positioned the company to move forward in its CX transformation and omnichannel initiative. It retired seven legacy platforms and replaced them with a Genesys all-in-one cloud solution that included a best-in-class digital experience for customers.

“What we did in the last couple of years is invested in designing the entire, what we call the digital experience from an outside in perspective, in terms of how customers will interact with us, how they consume our technology,” said Shanker. “What’s really important is first to complete that 360 experience. And our goal right now is to make sure over the next couple, two to three years, we complete that roadmap and rollout to meet our strategic goals for the whole customer experience journey.”

As a technology leader, Xerox understood CX was rapidly changing through digital experiences. The new platform provided capabilities for Xerox to grow and innovate for the future state of customer experience through a cloud-native architecture. It also provided customer service teams with access to critical data about Xerox customers, including their journeys, choices of digital platforms and what was important to them. Xerox can now personalize its customer journey to deliver seamless customer experiences.

Xerox uses built-in analytics to examine issues and make decisions, including workforce data on interactions and how issues are being resolved. This improves workload balancing.

“When you look at all of this real-time dynamic data and rich data, it helps us be very proactive in the types of experiences we want to design for going forward. In addition, it has also laid the building blocks for very strong case for driving what I would call the whole omnichannel customer experience journey going forward,” said Shanker.

Choosing a Partner for Customer Experience

Xerox had three criteria for its CX platform partner:

  1. Create a very compelling business case
  2. Ensure the capabilities enable future experiences for customers, partners and employees
  3. Share the same set of strategies and objectives and have a vested interest in success at Xerox

“We selected the Genesys team because of many different levels. We found that they would be the best fit for us to help us accelerate and execute this journey that we were on. So that’s in essence how we landed with the Genesys team,” said Shanker.

The Xerox and Genesys Professional Services teams finished the implementation in nine months. The operational support plan included: voice with 14 languages, speech recognition for IVR call routing, 100% call and screen recording, quality management, Survey Dynamix, workforce management, CRM integration to SAP, and a dedicated operational support team.

Xerox is already reaping the rewards of having a resilient and flexible CX platform in place from an operational and management perspective. It has received exciting feedback from the business, agents and supervisors being able to do things dynamically in real time.

“I always felt like Genesys had my back; my team felt like Genesys had our backs. We knew that Genesys was going to be responsive. We knew that Genesys was going to take care of us. It was a pleasure to work with this team,” said Jason Ferguson, VP, Xerox Digital eXerience. “I can’t speak more highly for the quality of the solution and how excited our agents, our managers and our executives were when we finally got to the point where we could track and see what was going on in our business.”

Providing Super Human Service to Customers

Because of the huge success of its contact center transformation, Xerox was recently awarded a Genesys Customer Innovation Award – in the CX Mover category – recognizing the best cloud implementation. Congratulations to the Xerox team on this incredible achievement.

Xerox embodies Super Human Service by focusing on the human interactions — people first. The company personalizes the journey for each customer to provide the best customer experience, resulting in brand loyalty and customer smiles. Learn more about Super Human Service and watch the Xerox customer story video.