Summer 2019 Innovations Features Genesys Cloud and Genesys AI

I’ve just returned from a week at Xperience19, and it was filled with moments — moments of connecting, moments of inspiration, moments of innovation. There were too many moments to count. It was a week of talking with Genesys customers, partners, consultants, analysts and employees.

The roadmap sessions at Xperience19 were once again wildly popular with customers waiting patiently afterward to ask questions or offer feedback to the product management teams. As I observed these engagements, I realized that even more important than connecting is listening. Then we must take that feedback and apply it to everything we do at Genesys.

When it comes to innovation at Genesys, the ongoing feedback provided by our customers, partners, consultants and analysts drives our development priorities. Those priorities fuel customer experience innovation and help our customers achieve the best business results.

But we realize that not every Genesys customer was able to attend Xperience19, which is why we’re showcasing our Summer 2019 Innovations. These new Genesys AI capabilities make it easier to connect and manage both native Genesys and third-party artificial intelligence (AI). This means that multiple AI applications can work together harmoniously in real-time, delivering truly frictionless customer experiences across marketing, sales and service.

And you won’t need advanced data science or technical skills to get started. At Xperience19, I watched users of all kinds learn to build a bot in less than an hour — across PureCloud®, PureConnectTM and PureEngageTM solutions.

With hundreds of applications integrated with our customer experience platform today, Genesys is the only company in the industry that offers tools to simply orchestrate, optimize and measure any AI. This includes Kate, the customer and employee virtual assistant powered by Genesys AI, as well as third-party solutions, such as Amazon Lex, Apple Business Chat, Google Cloud Contact Center AI, Nuance and IBM Watson.

Our Summer 2019 Innovations include:

  • Tools for easy orchestration of AI-powered journeys
  • Expanded support for third-party AI and native Genesys AI capabilities
  • Analytics and visualization dashboards for measuring and optimizing bots and employee performance
  • WhatsApp messaging and new conversational interfaces

If you missed Xperience19, don’t despair. Please join me and the product management leaders on June 26th to hear all about the latest Summer Innovations from Genesys. We’ll host breakouts with Q&A for each PureCloud, PureConnect and PureEngage products.

This is your opportunity to meet with and hear from the teams that shape the future of innovation at Genesys. If you’re not a Genesys customer yet, we invite you to join as well. We’re continually innovating on Genesys Cloud — and invite you to become a part of our Genesys family. Register today for the Summer 2019 Innovations webinar.