Software as a Service Is Nothing Without the Service

When software became a service, more changed than we realized. We threw away CDs and packaging; we got rid of the lump sum payments because subscription pricing made it easier to get started; we didn’t have to pay postage fees because software delivery is through the internet. But software as a service also eliminated the idea of the transaction — where I sell you something, we shake hands and then we both walk away with something we want.

Now, the handshake doesn’t signal the end of anything. It’s just the beginning.

With software as a service, your loyalty to that service is tested with each renewal. If you’re not satisfied, didn’t get what you wanted, experienced slow service or had trouble with the setup, you can always decide “No.”

Service includes guidance, resources, a continuous presence and a feeling that you’re not alone. It means there’s a person you can contact for help and there are tools available for the do-it-yourselfers. There’s training to advance your skills, assistance in times of trouble and insight in times of reflection.

Service acknowledges that all things change. What drove you to pay for your service three years ago might not be what’s motivating you today. Service accommodates a spectrum of needs as you adapt to changing conditions.

Service also requires renewals — not transactions. A renewal is a confirmation that the relationship is going well. With software as a service, the relationship becomes everything. You gauge how much you trust the people supplying your service and how they’re treating you. Are they there when you need them? Are you happy paying for this relationship to continue?

You can always decide “No.”

Your Software Purchase Is a Journey
When software became a service, the purchase became a journey. The people you take with you on the journey determine your success. You need confidence that their expertise will lead you down the right path.

You should feel like you’re on a train and every station is a milestone you’ve completed — another stop toward your desired results. When you arrive at your outcome, take a moment to high-five your colleagues and tweet about it. Then it’s time to choose a new track to keep that momentum going.

You’ll be a different company by then — a better version of the one that started this journey. You’ll be smarter and able to make more informed decisions. You’ll know the value of executing a good strategy and you’ll have ideas about building the next one.

You’ll be able to identify opportunities for improvement within your organization and you’ll see ways to align resources to get better results. You’ll reap the benefits of having a committed partner by your side — guiding you along the way.

A service should do that for you. Does yours?

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