Season’s Readings: Catch Up Before the New Year

As we race ever closer to 2019, it’s good to look back on what you might have missed in the Genesys blog. This second post in our three-part CX reading list series lets you catch up on the industry before old acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind.

Overcome the Monster Between You and the Customer Experience You Were Meant to Deliver

You need the right tools to be the hero of your company’s customer experience journey. But it’s not solely up to you. Spoiler alert: A loyal sidekick is an invaluable asset—your provider should step up to fill that role.

Genesys Security Credentials Mount Even Higher with GDPR and FedRAMP

“Security is and has always been embedded in, and fundamental to, every Genesys cloud solution.” Genesys CEO Paul Segre explores the evolving security standards and ongoing measures Genesys takes to protect customer data.

Seize the Moment: 700 Businesses Knock Out Legacy Providers and Switch to Genesys

Ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, “There is nothing permanent except change.” In 2018, the contact center industry became a clear example of this statement. As business models and best practices shift, so do technology needs. Genesys President, Tom Eggemeier, discusses some industry changes that occurred this year and how they affect technology.

Infographic: Chatbots and the Tragedy of Customer Experience

Chatbots can either be the secret weapon to drive better customer service or the hill on which that service dies. And while bots are useful, they should never come before your customer. Learn the best ways to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to help your business while catering to customer desires.

Self-Service and the Customer Experience Marathon

Customer experience isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. It takes time and effort to guide people through the customer journey and to get them to the finish line happy and with minimal chafing.

CX Heroes: Highlighting the Human Touch in Customer Service

Think about the last time you spoke to a customer service representative. Often, by the time you reach a representative, you’re frustrated and prone to take it out on them. The unfortunate truth is that customer service representatives are the frontline of an often thankless job. Genesys Heroes aims to change that while recognizing their work.

Bots Represent Your Brand—Know What Yours Looks Like

Juniper Research forecasts that, by 2022, chatbots will save businesses more than $8 billion per year. As bots continue to permeate the customer service marketplace, remember that a single outlier has a big effect on a poorly constructed bot.

Customer Journeys, Big Data and Astronomical Opportunities

The ability to analyze and simplify big data is a huge benefit of AI. While a human would quickly become overwhelmed with the data, a computer can understand and apply it easily. For contact centers, analysis leads to predictive routing.

5 Key Criteria for Customer Journey Shaping

Customer journeys—like customers themselves—are unique. While journey mapping historically has been used to plan out common scenarios, journey shaping allows for flexibility and personalization to fit individual customers.

Infographic: Supporting Lead Management in Digital World

The convergence of cloud computing, mobility, big data analytics and social networking have completely transformed the sales world. Customers have a wealth of information at their fingertips and access to a seemingly infinite online marketplace. To succeed with this new breed of buyer, you must learn to operate in that digital marketplace.

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