10 Blogs From 2018 You Shouldn’t Miss

By 2020, 30% of all business-to-business companies will use artificial intelligence (AI) to augment at least one of their primary business processes. That’s just one of the statistics mentioned in various blogs this year. But if you’re busy, you might have missed it. And you likely can’t read all the Genesys blogs you’re interested in—personally or professionally. There’s just not enough time.

To make it a little easier for you, we’ve compiled 10 of the most-viewed Genesys blogs from 2018. Here’s a look at what your peers have been reading.

Future-Proof Your Small or Mid-Sized Business

Consumers like to shop small, and that gives small and mid-sized companies an advantage. You can adapt to new technologies faster and offer the customer experiences that big competitors can’t. Learn how some companies are making that happen.

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Introducing the Genesys State of Customer Experience Report

There’s a disconnect between what businesses provide and what customers want and need. This report explores how businesses are closing that gap by using innovative technology to define the customer journey and manage customer experience goals.

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Want Great Customer Experience? Just Press 1

We have an in-house “customer service junkie.” It’s Genesys CMO, Merijn te Booij, and he expects the same effortless, hyper-personalized and pain-free customer experience that you do. Read how the Genesys Press 1 campaign calls out the most important elements in connecting all customer moments.

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5 Ways to Create Meaningful Connections with Customers

Through the practice of omoenashi, the Japanese anticipate customers’ wants or needs before they’re even realized. Technology extends the customer-focus aspect of this practice, making it possible for any size business, worldwide, to anticipate customer needs and build better connections.

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How to Motivate Employees in a Customer Experience Transformation

Stress can kill motivation. Routing issues that complicate customer interactions, scheduling hassles and shifting between multiple applications all add to the daily pressures that employees experience. Give employees more opportunities to engage and watch job satisfaction improve.

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The Next Best Action for Genesys: Acquiring Altocloud

Hello Altocloud! See how this innovative technology helps companies intervene at a precise point in the customer journey with the best appropriate action to move them down the path to purchase. It’s the perfect match for Genesys solutions to drive business results.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Best Employees Engaged and Loyal

Disengaged employees affect your bottom line and when they quit, the cost of training a new agent can be 20% of an annual salary. Understand what drives productivity and build a solid employee engagement strategy.

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The Tragedy of Doing Too Little Too Late

When you’re drowning, a quick fix may be your only hope. But in business, it pays to invest time. Define business outcomes and understand how to get there in a way that builds your brand. Find out where missteps are made so you can avoid them.

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Genesys and Google in a Zeitgeist Moment

Genesys recently debuted their integration with the new Google Cloud Contact Center AI. Our combined forces mean an acceleration of AI automation and machine learning, Blended AI and more capabilities built into every moment in the customer journey.

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7 Things Coca-Cola Learned While Transforming Customer Experience

If any company knows brand-building, it’s Coca-Cola. Their focus on innovation keeps the iconic Coke brand connected with consumers who love it. When they partnered with Genesys on new customer experience technology, the results were eye-opening.

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