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Blog Series: Rethink the Role of the Customer Experience Vendor—Part 5

We talk a lot about the business advantages you gain with our technology, tools that create thoughtful experiences for customers and tools that engage your employees to reach their maximum potential. We also talk about the importance of an efficient contact center for providing great service, and the sales and marketing possibilities for creating new business. But what about the customer experience vendor?

What we don’t talk about enough is what happens to you after deployment—when we hand you the keys to your brand new, high-performance customer experience platform. Is our job as a technology vendor finished? Nope—not even close.

In this series, I build a case that being a technology vendor isn’t good enough. Vendors sell street food, not technology. To truly guide a business to reach their desired outcomes, you need to transcend being merely a vendor and become a provider. A provider recognizes that the go-live party doesn’t mark the end of anything; success isn’t a one-time event. And it doesn’t happen by accident.

Customer Experience Vendor: Subscriptions Change Everything

The rise of the subscription economy forced businesses to step up their game when it comes to long-term consumption of their products. At Genesys, we heard the call loud and clear: It’s not enough to have world-class technology and the expertise to support it. Our Magic Quadrant status speaks to our ability to accomplish that. Now, the challenge we face is one that any vendor who aspires to become a provider would be wise to spend resources on—continually bringing additional value after the purchase, year after year, without a new sales conversation.

To overcome this challenge, we looked at the approach we take to our technology and applied it to our service delivery. For us, that means targeting a role that’s become a mainstay of the subscription economy: the customer success manager (CSM).

Learning the Art of Success Management

Some years ago, as it became clear that cloud deployments served an increasing amount of business needs, we began an assertive push to bolster our cloud efforts by acquiring technology from businesses who were doing it right. Last year’s acquisition of Interactive Intelligence and the PureCloud microservices-enabled platform is a testament to this. Along with these acquisitions came the CSM role and, with that, came the need for a comprehensive Customer Success Management program to keep people successful and happy about renewing their contract. So that’s what we built.

But we didn’t stop there. Over the past decades, we have learned to appreciate the value of doing things in a prescriptive manner to produce results that are repeatable and reliable. That’s what our use cases are about, and that’s the principle we applied to manage success.

The rollout of the PureSuccess model was our announcement that the game had changed when it came to service delivery. Support, training, professional services and consulting shouldn’t work in silos. These experts work more effectively when they collaborate on your journey in ways that are relevant to you and what you’re trying to accomplish—at every single moment.

No team in the organization is more qualified to be the unified face of these unified offerings than our CSMs. So, we expanded their job description, and the Genesys Advisor role was born.

A Genesys Advisor still manages your success plan to foster stated outcomes. But they also use the PureSuccess framework to guide you through the consumption of services in prescriptive ways to produce results that are repeatable and reliable.

A Peek at Our CSM Roadmap

We’re not finished evolving the role of the CSM. Not even close.

We recently acquired Altocloud, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) that processes journey analytics for connecting with customers in more meaningful ways at more meaningful moments. The Altocloud technology brings new possibilities for you to be more predictive and efficient, and it gives us new possibilities to enhance our CSM program. We envision equipping CSMs with real-time data that enables them to proactively reach out to you at crucial moments, depending on your goals and activities.

This approach will yield increasing rewards the longer you’re with us. As our relationship progresses, we gain more historical data about your journey. That’s when AI can do its best work—and that enables CSMs to do their best work. Based on your desired outcomes, product usage, and other input, we’ll know exactly when you could benefit from a resource in your service offer to nudge you past the obstacle you’re facing now or will face soon.

To Infinity and Beyond

Businesses run on growth; survival means always striving to become a better version of yourself. We’re no different. Our plan is to transform into a true provider of customer experience technology—and that means we’ll make constant efforts to improve ways for you to get the most out of your investment.

In a subscription economy, we don’t win if you don’t win. Look for us to continue exploring new possibilities to help businesses achieve new objectives years after making the decision to go with Genesys—without having to add more licenses.

Learn more about subscription and Genesys PureSuccess and see which offer is best for your company and customer experience strategy.